Mrs Hinch’s new book This Is Me is out today – where to buy and what it’s about

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Mrs Hinch’s memoirs have officially hit shops.

The book, titled This Is Me, chronicles the life of Sophie Hinchcliffe and her rise to fame.

It dives into very personal details too – from the influencer’s marriage to how she deals with trolls.

Fans are clearly very keen to learn more about the woman behind the smartphone camera.

Even though the memoirs only launched today, they’ve already become a bestseller.

So will you be picking up a copy? Here’s everything you need to know about the book.

What is Mrs Hinch’s latest book about?

This Is Me will be like no other book Mrs Hinch has released.

While Sophie is famed for her cleaning videos, she has revealed more about her life.

She fought back tears on her Instagram stories earlier this year, revealing her account aims to be as “positive and upbeat as possible”.

But in doing so, she “doesn’t address the good and bad things out there because sometimes it’s uncomfortable”.

The influencer said: “I feel as though my followers deserve a bit more of what you’re asking for, which for some reason seems to be more about me, Sophie, and the life behind Mrs Hinch."

“I don’t address much on my stories because I don’t want to burden you all with it but it seems like now is the right time and the opportunity to put it all in one place and also the crazy conspiracy theories.

“I have been working on my very own memoir so thank you Penguin for given me the opportunity to be able to put everything in one place.

“The good, the bad, the amazingness and some of the dark lows that have come with this journey.”

Where can you buy Mrs Hinch’s new book?

This Is Me is available at all major book stores.

Waterstones and WH Smith are among those to have it in stock.

You can also order the memoirs via Amazon – and there’s an option for next day delivery too.

So will you be picking up a copy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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