Mum makes Halloween basket for sons so they can still celebrate despite Covid

It looks like trick or treating may be off the table this year, with Covid-19 restrictions preventing getting too close to others (let alone multiple strangers over the course of one night).

As with everything, though, people have been coming up with new ways to still celebrate and enjoy life in a socially distanced fashion.

And one mum in particular is determined not to let the pandemic spoil the fun for her kids.

Hayley Chisholm, 32, a married mum of two and teaching assistant from Middlesex, decided that even though her two sons aged six and seven wouldn’t be able to trick or treat this year, she would still make the day as special as possible for them.

She has planned a full day of fun treats for her boys, including a scavenger hunt, a scary movie and amazing Halloween baskets she put together herself for just £12 using supplies from the pound shop and Hobbycraft. 

Hayley told money-saving community ‘As each day goes by, it is looking more unlikely that we are going to be able to go out trick or treating this year so I wanted to make sure we still had as much fun as possible.

‘For most children, this is one of the best times of the year, and my two boys are no different – Jayden and Archie love Halloween! 

‘I came up with the idea as I know how much my boys like waking up on Christmas Eve to a box of goodies with our Christmas Eve boxes, so I thought “why not create a Halloween basket?”

‘I picked arts and craft bits up from Hobbycraft, the idea being that the boys can make these in the daytime, slime cakes from Tesco which we can also make in the day, then for the evening they have glow in the dark PJs to wear. 

‘Then once it is dark we will turn off the lights in the house and using their torches go on a scavenger hunt around the house, which I will set up on the day without them knowing! 

‘After that we can snuggle up on the sofa with our popcorn, sweets and hot chocolate to watch a spooky film!’

Hayley has stuffed rubber gloves with small sweets and tied them with ribbon to keep sealed. She also found mini bottles and added hot chocolate powder and marshmallows that can be made up for the movie.

Altogether the baskets cost £12, as Hayley already had the baskets themselves.

‘The good thing about making these yourself is you can add as little or as much stuff as you want or even use stuff you already have at home – the children will love them whatever you do!’ she adds.

‘I think it’s important to share our ideas so that we can all try and help each other through these strange times and to ensure our children don’t miss out on the “fun” times of the year!’

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