Mum takes daughter out of school in a row with teachers over her purple hair

A furious mum has hit out at her daughter's in a school after a row over the schoolgirl's purple hair.

Eva Herbert, 14, dyed her hair before going back to school after the summer holiday, but quickly fell foul of the rules.

The teenager, from Leicester, was told she had to dye it back to a natural shade.

Teachers decided Eva would have to do her lessons in isolation until the matter was resolved, Leicestershire Live reports .

But her mum Claire is fuming over the treatment, and has pulled her daughter out of school for a second day.

Ms Herbert, who runs a salon, said: “I’m furious about this. Eva has always had different hair colours.

“Before the summer holidays it was green and nobody at the school had a problem with it.

“Her hair is actually more plum than purple and it is neat and tidy in a ponytail.

“Her uniform is always smart but now it’s an academy they’ve got this new posh uniform policy.

“They’ve said I need to dye it but I’m not going to, no way.

"Having your hair coloured can make you feel more confident but it will not affect your behaviour.

"Merit, character, work ethic, drive, and values should be the focus of the education system, not appearance.

"Hairstyles do not affect the personal growth, rate of learning, or grades of students."

While off school, Ms Herbert says Eva has been doing maths work online.

She added: “Eva finds the whole thing ridiculous.

"Eva’s hair colour is a semi-permanent hair colour.

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