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A NIGHTMARE neighbour at the centre of a ferocious feud that forced them to tear down an illegal caravan in their garden has warned they have bigger plans up their sleeve.

Lillie Goddard was accused of living in the "monstrous" static home so she could rent out her £170,000 house to make some extra cash.

But following a three year dispute, she was finally ordered to demolish the caravan with a judge saying it needed to be gone by August 5.

But the homeowner – who featured on Channel 5's 'The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door' – says despite the order, her family's "next step" is an extension.

Husband Mark Goddard from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: "At the end of the day, what's in our garden is not a caravan anymore, it's a lump of metal with wheels on it.

"It can never be a caravan again, not without a lot of time and money."


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Discussing plans for a possible extension, Mr Goddard said: "Would it ever happen, I don't know, but the chances are, with the way the people are around here, I doubt it."

In bad news for neighbours, Mark also revealed he plans to install a massive two-metre-tall wall across the front of his property on Purley Avenue.

The Goddards sparked further fury amongst the local community after not clearing the caravan away in its entirety – with debris and trash scattered in the area where the static home once stood.

"Any car that comes past, it's a laughing stock – people stop, people point at it. It's definitely not a victory, not yet", one resident added.

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"The caravan's not visible but it's still a mess."

Locals had previously blasted Lillie, a mum-of-two, for turning their street into an illegal "traveller camp" and making it look like a "disgraceful mess".

She eventually shifted the "monstrosity" of a shipping container, being used as a makeshift extension, in June 2021.

But just six months later residents claim Lillie was still living outside in a caravan.

And despite all the complaints and objections to her way of life, Lillie is adamant she has done nothing wrong and insists it is nearby residents who are at fault.

The homeowner, who does contract work as an electrician and maintenance technician, said: "They have completely ruined my life.

"But it's not just me, they've also ruined my poor mum's life.

"She's 78 and just wanted to live a quiet life in a static caravan outside my home."

The mum claims she has lost £800 a month as she can no longer rent out two rooms in the main house.

One resident, 79, who lives in an adjoining road, previously branded the family "a disgrace" for their caravans.

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They said: "She doesn’t care about anybody else in the street except for herself.

"I think she lives in cloud cuckoo land some days, it’s like she thinks the council will never actually do anything to deal with her."

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