My sister-in-law throws all my food away and it's winding me up

DEAR DEIDRE: IT is infuriating how my sister-in-law won’t stop throwing good food in the bin.

She and my brother are living with me while they have their home renovated. She’s 52, he’s 49 and I’m a woman of 46.

She thinks she’s helping by going through the fridge and cupboards, but most days I come home to find my dinner in the bin.

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I am hygienic but I can’t stand to see food being wasted. She obviously thinks I eat food that is past its best.

She’s always announcing, “I’ll just give your fridge a little sort out.”
I find it interfering and insulting.

Is there anything I can do? It’s costing me a fortune and winding me up.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your sister-in-law is trying to be helpful as you have taken her and your brother in.

Talk to her and explain clearly you don’t want the fridge clearing out and tell her to leave that to you.

Instead ask her to help out with other jobs around the house. Do you need any cupboards organising, for instance?

This will make her feel like she’s playing her part.

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