New budget supermarket offering year's supply of FREE nuggets to one customer

A NEW budget supermarket is offering a free supply of chicken nuggets for a year to one customer. 

The supermarket, called OOPS!, specialises in repackaging and selling frozen food, which may have been destined for a landfill site but is still safe to eat.  

To celebrate opening its first three stores in Preston, London and Bolton, OOPS! is giving away a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets to one customer. 

The winner will receive a free 1.5kg bag – which usually cost £2.50 each -every week for a year.

The packets contain 70 chicken nuggets each with 248 calories per 100g. 

OOPS! says that the weekly packets will add up to 48 bags in total, which together comes to a whooping 3,360 chicken nuggets worth £120.

The supermarket said it will stagger free delivery to your doorstep throughout the year so you aren’t suddenly saddled with 72kg of chicken nuggets that need to be kept in a freezer.

How to enter for a year’s supply of free nuggets

You can give yourself the chance to win the nugget supply by signing up before March 21. 

All you have to do is enter your full name email address in the form on OOPS!’s website. 

Darren O’Hara, area manager at OOPS! said: “We know that sometimes people need a helping hand when it comes to their weekly food shop, especially in uncertain times like these.

“That’s why we’re offering up a year’s supply of our infamous chicken nuggets, so nugget-lovers can enjoy a tasty treat for free all year long.”

O’Hara added: “OOPS! prevents food from being wasted by repacking products that are perfectly safe to eat but may have ended up in the clearance section for a number of reasons. 

“This could be due to overproduction, packaging errors, or the goods being the wrong shape or colour.”

“Chicken nuggets is one of the most likely foods to be wasted with most retailers not accepting two nuggets if they are stuck together.”

This year, OOPS! plans to open a further 50 stores across the UK following the launch of its first three branches. 

In other news, more SFC chicken products sold at supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have been recalled as the salmonella fears continue.

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