New car tax changes could see many drivers exempt from £12.50 daily charge

New car tax changes means certain motorists will not be required to pay a daily £12.50 fee in London.

It comes as the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will launch on October 25 in the capital.

The charging zone is set to expand from central London to the wider capital, impacting millions of drivers.

But some motorists could be exempt from paying the daily fee of £12.50 once the scheme finally launches.

Many categories will not automatically reduce charges unless Transport for London is informed of their status.

The exemption schemes require drivers to fill in forms or register their vehicle as tax-exempt directly through the government.

Disabled drivers are entitled to use the roads without paying ULEZ charges as long as they're registered under a UK tax class.

Owners of vehicles registered in the "disabled" or "disabled passenger vehicles" tax class will be exempt until 2025.

TfL says drivers don't need to re-register but owners must be under these two tax classes to receive money off.

To claim you'll need to include a statement from the Department for Work and Pensions which shows their PIP rate.

  • Thousands of Brits could be owed hundreds of pounds from incorrect tax codes

Classic car owners must have a government tax exemption class to receive a discount off ULEZ fees.

This moves on a 50-year rolling meaning cars built before 1981 are now exempt from paying the fees.

TfL also said cars that meet the criteria but were first registered outside the UK are still exempt.

Owners will need to register with Transport for London before they travel inside the zone.

As for private hire vehicles, TfL has decided to issue a ULEZ grace period for those which offer wheelchair access.

But the exemption is not valid for drivers of these vehicles at all times.

Fees will only be cut when the vehicle is in use for a private hire booking.

Specialist agricultural vehicles, military cars and certain types of mobile cranes will be exempt from the charges.

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Non-road going vehicles which are allowed to drive on the highway are not required to pay the daily fees either.

Drivers of these cars are already exempt and will not need to register with Transport for London.

You can head over to the official Transport for London website to see if you're exempt from the charges.

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