Niecy Nash Shares Her Covid-Friendly Holiday Plans, Talks Final Season of Claws (Exclusive)

“We’re making the best of it though,” Nash says of filming “Claws'” fourth and final season with coronavirus restrictions.

Like many people, Niecy Nash is changing up her plans this Christmas amid the pandemic, but she’s still finding ways to capture holiday magic.

While chatting with Toofab about her collaboration with HP Printables, the actress — who married singer-songwriter Jessica Betts back in August — opened up about how she’s spending the holidays this year with her family and new wife.

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In the past, Nash, 52, said her family would celebrate Christmas with a “big holiday gathering where everyone shows up in their pajamas.” However, this year she’s keeping it intimate, spending the holiday with Betts as well as her children: Dominic, Donielle and Dia, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Don Nash.

“The one thing that I found that brought me so much joy this holiday season is HP Printables,” began Nash. “Right now, they’re offering free crafts and activities. The thing I love about it most is that I was able to submit my first holiday in my new marriage by making a custom holiday card and it was so much fun.”

“I haven’t been out on the red carpet, to galas or parties so I was able to put on a beautiful gown and a Spank,” she continued. “And I laid down on my couch and curated a very fun card and it was something I could do with my whole family So, I was like, guys I need to be a part of letting people know about this.”

The “Never Have I Ever” star explained how arts and crafts is a great activity to bring people together, even if they are physically far apart.

“It’s fun because you can use your creativity,” she said. “You can curate something you can then send to your family and friends since some of us still have to be socially distanced from those we love. It provides connective tissue, and also if the parents need a break it’s something the kids can easily do by themselves for a few minutes.”

The “Reno 911!” actress also spoke about the fourth and final season of “Claws” and shared her thoughts on the TNT drama coming to a close.

“What is interesting is we’re working under COVID guidelines now,” said Nash, who is currently in New Orleans shooting the season. “So, it’s a little bit different on how we are able to see one another and experience one another. Like people you could hold in your arms and give a hug to, you have to say hello to from across the room.”

“We’re making the best of it though.”

Check out the video below to see more from our interview with Nash, including what projects the actress has lined up for 2021.

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