Penis expert mum makes fortune on OnlyFans and says career turns husband on

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An OnlyFans model and mum-of-four who makes up to £275,000 a year on the raunchy website has revealed her husband is turned on by her career – even though she regularly rates mens' penises.

Sara Blake Cheek, from Florida in the United States, started her account on the subscription-based sex work site in 2020.

She immediately began raking in cash of up to $30,000 a month – and in just one year Sara has hit the big time.

The 31-year-old explained: “I get asked to rate guys penis’ and I love it.

“It’s probably the most fun part of my job. I’m like a penis expert, that should be my job title…

“The weirdest request would be the small penis humiliation, I’m just not a mean person naturally so mocking someone and telling them it’s too small is not my thing.”

Despite being a lucrative industry, not everything about Sara's OnlyFans career has been smooth sailing.

Previously, she revealed that fellow parents had discovered her X-rated account where she shares photos and videos of herself with frisky fans.

Sara told us her kids took the brunt of the negative attention from people in their town.

She said: “They’ve experienced the bad of it with their cheerleading and football league banning their mum from being there and kicking them off the team as well.”

Sara added that she remembers her daughter being mistreated at her club after parents discovered she was a sex worker.

The mum told the Daily Beast: “My daughter was the flier, and they would intentionally drop her.”

However, their experience hasn’t all been negative.

Sara noted: “They also see the respect I get from people in the sports and entertainment industry.

“Aside from doing OnlyFans I have a huge following on TikTok, @SaraCheeky, Instagram, and Twitter.

“I do sports predictions for Egotastic and write for ProSports Extra, they watch my predictions and see my TikToks.

“They have been with me when I’m approached or when people in public recognise me. I share interviews that I’ve done with them as well.”

The mum continued: “In order for them to understand we have opportunities to experience things because of what their mum does, I want them to be appreciative and understand it’s work.”

Sara has since explained that her family support her through the good, the bad and the sexy when it comes to her career.

Her husband, Matt, backs her to the end and is fully supportive of her career choice.

Sara told us: “My family as for as my husband goes, loves it. It turns him on that his wife does OnlyFans.

“And he is super proud of my magazine cover, other opportunities we have in the works as well.

“I haven’t discussed what I do with my extended family, I’m sure they know, but it definitely isn’t brought up.”

And, Sara’s cheeky career certainly goes far beyond the lingerie snaps she uploads to Instagram, @thesarablake.

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