People call me intimidating because I’m attractive and women scowl at me

A woman believes good looks can be a curse.

Brenttanye Sharraine said people judge you for being “attractive”.

While some scowl at you in the street, others brand you “intimidating” or treat you like a “trophy”.

In a viral TikTok video, the motivational speaker walked through New York City’s Central Park and explained: “Here are a few things I've noticed as an attractive woman in society.

"And this is not pretty privilege or anything – this is just me giving you guys my experiences on how people treat me.

"Yes, I do get a lot of stares and I get a lot of compliments too. Some people gaze and some people scowl at me."

Brenttanye continued: "I have never in my life noticed a man scowling at me, so it says a lot.

"I've been told I come off very intimidating, although I'm not mean at all to people.

"When dating, I've met everyone's families – parents, sisters, brothers – I've always met them, even if it's not serious and we've only known each other for months.

"I've been invited to events and meetings with business partners, I'm aware now as a woman in her late 20s that I've been used as a trophy before. I don't allow that anymore.

"I've been told by women that they thought I was a b***ch when they first met me, I've been told by plenty of men that I look expensive, I've been excluded from friend groups even if I created the friend group.”

Brenttanye admitted it was difficult to maintain friendships at school because people judged her unfairly.

She said: “People would think I was being self-absorbed and not humble simply because I was pretty.

"My own confidence was not enough so it makes sense that I left high school with barely one friend."

Brenttanye hopes sharing her experiences will help others who have been in the same situation.

She told the Daily Star: “As part of a discussion I wanted to have with my community this is a topic that often gets ignored or taken out of context as if someone is complaining about being attractive. When in reality its deep rooted."

Brenttanye added: “Young girls are told to minimise themselves to not attract attention when they are seen as a threat.

“They can’t be too confident. These girls become self conscious women.

“Men desire attractive women as a status symbol which causes women to become envious and even compete with each other.

"It often starts when you’re young. It’s a vicious cycle."

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