People captured the most outlandish thing they saw while at the beach

Little money CRABBERS! Tourists capture hilarious sights spotted on the beach – including sunbathing seals, thieving crustaceans and cat ballet

  • People have shared weirdest things they’ve seen at the beach and some are mad
  • Pictures from all over the world show seal sunbathing and raccoons eating crisps
  • Also features a dancer taking artful pictures with a cat and a crab with cash 

For most of us a day at the beach equals fun under the sun, dipping in the waves and, worst case scenario, a bit of sunburn.

However, people from all over the world, have shared some odd sights they’ve experienced while at the beach and BoredPanda have put together a compilation of them.

Featured in the list is a seal sunbathing on a chair as bewildered tourists look on, meanwhile, raccoons wait in line to be fed crisps by a tourist. 

Also making an appearance is Cookie Monster, who is sat on a bench enjoying a sunset by the sea, and a cheeky seagull who couldn’t resist having a taste of someone’s ice-cream.  

We don’t know how and why this dancer decided to pose with a cat on the beach while wearing spandex but one Reddit user, from Portland, took a picture of it 

It is a very practical move from this crab to be carrying cash at all times: you never know when you’ll need it – the trick is not to spend it all at once 

Lunch time? These raccoons are waiting for crisps in the most orderly manner as a tourist dishes them out 

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The Cookie Monster decided to sit on this bench, by the sea, in order to absorb the view and reflect on his life choices and a Reddit user from Canada captured this unique picture 

We’re kind of fascinated by the level of skills it took to make this sand sculpture and a little horrified as how realistic it looks 

Yudo from Spain created the perfect couch made of sand during their beach day (pictured) 

Even seals deserve days off once in a while, one Bored panda user from Greece, snapped this amazing picture of a seal on a Greek beach

This stylish treasure hunter – and apparent Rihanna fan – said his grandchildren had bought him the shirt

Yum! Who can resist a tasty ice-cream on a sunny day at the beach? Not this seagull, that’s for sure  – a Bored Panda user from Brighton uploaded this funny picture 

There are big beach towels and then there’s this: one wonders how many people could fit on it – 2,000, perhaps  

‘Don’t mind us, we’#re just two horses having a little break by your umbrella, we’ll be on or way shortly’ 

This person doesn’t kid around when it comes to saving their flip-flops from potential thieves (pictured)

Hello darkness my old friend?: It looks like this poor pup got played by their owner and they don’t look too happy about it 

Where did this walker come from? Where is the person who came with it? Did a miracle occur? 

There’s a thin line between ingenuity and craziness and we think these men ride this line very hard 

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