Plastic surgery fanatic unrecognisable in pic from 20 yrs ago – before XL boobs

A plastic surgery obsessive shared a picture from 20 years ago – and she looked so different.

Over the last two decades, Allegra Cole has altered her appearance by going under the knife.

She’s reportedly had a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck and 4,600 CC implants put into each breast.

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The 53-year-old, from Orange County in the US, has long blonde hair and Botoxed skin nowadays.

But back in 2022, Allegra looked a lot more natural.

At the time, when she was working as a Mormon piano teacher, she had shorter hair and smaller implants.

Allegra posted the throwback picture on Instagram, along with the jokey caption: “Just a few changes in 20 years”.

Her 1.7million followers went wild for her transformation – with more than 3,400 of them liking the snap.

One commenter said: “Breathtaking then and breathtaking now.”

Another gushed: “You’ve come a long way!”

A third wrote: “Looked great then and look great now. As long as your heart and soul are happy that’s all that matters.”

And a fourth added: “You look way better now!”

Others wish Allegra had kept her more natural look though.

One critic argued: “Should have saved your money, this was the best look.”

Another agreed: “This is when you looked the best.”

Despite what some may think, the mum-of-eight seems happy with her transformation.

Previously, she revealed: “These boobs took me from drab to fab! And I’m grateful for every moment of my journey. (The ups and the downs).

“I’m eternally thankful to all the people that have supported me.”


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