Princess Diana’s ex-secretary explains why Meghan ‘is testing public patience’

Meghan Markle is testing the public's patience – but she could win back their hearts by copying Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana's former private secretary says.

The Duchess of Sussex has recently been hit by criticism for her 'demanding' persona after her Wimbledon visit earlier this week.

And Patrick Jephson, who worked for Princess Diana as chief of staff, has given the Duchess some advice on how to change her engagement with the tax-paying public.

An official organising Meghan's visit told The Times that 'she was a nightmare'.

An All England Club source said it had been difficult to assist the Duchess because of her outfit.

They explained: "They couldn't invite her into the Royal Box because she was wearing jeans but that didn't really matter because all she wanted to do was come and watch Serena."

Mr Jephson laid out his tips as he wrote in the Daily Mail : "Top tip for Sussex courtiers: when my former boss Princess Diana went to Wimbledon privately, she was aware that she was actually attending a prolonged photoshoot.

"Diana generally never took any staff with her. The message was simple: no entourage means I'm off duty, enjoying myself among thousands of other keen fans."

He pointed out that what Meghan has done – huddled like survivors in a life-raft, alone on a sea of empty green seats – was no different than setting an 'exclusion zone' amongst the public.

Meghan's personal assistant and security guards can be seen warning nearby spectators not to take any pictures of the Duchess.

Tennis fan Hasan Hasanov, 58, was told not to take pictures of Meghan.

But he was actually taking a selfie with the players in the background.

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