Ree Drummond Had to Beat the 'Drummond Dog Test' Before She Debuted Her Dog Treats

Often dogs are compared to garbage disposals, so it can be odd to hear about a pooch with a picky palate.

But Ree Drummond swears her wild canines Lucy and Duke are rather refined when it comes to what they eat.

“I put store-bought treats in front of them, and they are like, ‘You’re kidding.’ ” Drummond told PEOPLE. “They are not excited about them at all.”

So when the Pioneer Woman decided to make dog treats with Purina, she knew the goodies had to pass the “Drummond Dog Test.”

Since her family’s five dogs are often under foot catching nibbles while she’s cooking, Drummond decided to base her dog treats off the scrumptious comfort food her fans adore.

“I based the treats on my family’s favorite recipes, and my dogs are part of my family,” she added.

Her line of dog treats include flavors like Chicken Parmesan and Bacon, Maple and Apple Waffles, tastes that should get any human mouth watering — and they have.

“A popular comment I get on social media about the treats is ‘Can I eat these?’ Drummond shared about her pet products, which she designed to look and smell like the humans meals they are inspired by.

“You can give it a try,” the Pioneer Woman said she tells her curious, pet-owning fans.

What’s important is that Lucy and Duke have tried all the treats, and they adore them.

“The are puddy in my hands,” Drummond said.

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