Sick customer in tears as takeaway worker gives them free food and sweet note

Far too often online reviews and discussions of restaurants and takeaways are full of negativity and bad experiences.

But, one exchange between a service workers and a customer has made people smile this week as both people acted with kindness and a good heart.

A bloke, from Australia, decided to order in some food because he had fallen ill – and we all know cooking is the last thing you want to do when sick.

But, included alongside the meal request was a note apologising for ordering so close to closing time and that he had only done so because he fell asleep, reports the Mirror.

Writing the message in the customer note section, the man said: “I'm sorry I'm ordering so late I'm very sick right now I just woke up.

"I understand if you cancel [because] you're trying to close the store xx."

And, the takeaway workers decided to send the polite man a note in return alongside a free garlic bread to help him feel better.

The worker wrote: "Thank you for the kind note, don't stress about ordering late, we don't mind.

"Here's free garlic bread to help you feel a bit better. It's kind messages like yours that really make my/our day better. Thank you."

After getting his order, the man was so overwhelmed that he decided to head to Google and leave a five star review to praise the staff.

The man wrote: "They gave me garlic bread on the house when I was feeling sick and wrote me a cute lil note in the delivery box and personally I would like to give each and every employee a little forehead kiss.

"Also, it seems like they broil the cheese on top of the carbonara and it makes it all crispy on top and personally I think I might cry it was so good, thank you kings."

One of the staff members uploaded some snaps of the encounter on Reddit.

They wrote: "A couple of days ago someone ordered 14 mins before closing time and wrote a note to us.

"I wrote one back and gave them a free garlic bread and a couple hours ago while working, I found out they left a review about it :).

"Was pretty happy for the rest of the shift."

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In the comments, social media users were delighted by the sweet exchange.

One person noted: "I did not cry until the guest comment of giving you and coworkers a ‘little forehead kiss’, cheers to you and them."

While another added: "It's nice to see the occasional person who treats people who work service like people."

What small gestures have restored your faith in humanity? Tell us in the comments…

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