Since I became OnlyFans millionaire mums ignore me at our kids’ parties

A lot can change in three years and this is especially evident for one mum who became a millionaire and Playboy cover girl in that time.

Sara Blake Cheek turned to racy modelling after her salon was forced to shut during the pandemic.

Despite the dramatic career switch earning her fortunes, the mum-of-four is no longer popular with other parents.

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Some refused to let their kids go to her son’s birthday party while others shun her at school functions.

Speaking to Daily Star, Sara said: “Something new I’m facing is mums will ignore me and my existence at kid functions. They’ll huddle and talk about me in the corner."

"I had parents subscribe to my OnlyFans and interrogate me on whether I am checking out hockey dads at practice.

“They will all still speak to my husband though as if he isn’t also making content with me and they will ignore me or pretend I am not there.

“Women put up quotes on social media about holding up someone’s crown or ‘strong women raise strong women’. Yet when I walk into a hockey rink or football field these people attack me or more recently ignore my existence as a mother or human.”

The 31-year-old added: “I freaking minimise myself too, never dress up and I wear sweats and baggy clothes with no makeup with a messy bun so they feel comfortable.

“But they still glare while talking to my husband but not me. Guess what? He’s banging me on OnlyFans.”

Sara lives in Florida with her family on a million dollar ranch.

Over Christmas she gave her four children a budget to help other kids less fortunate.

But it wasn’t long ago when Sara and her husband had just £100 to get by at Christmas after the bills were paid.

Now she is living a life of luxury but it has come with consequences, especially for her little ones.

Asked to give examples, she said: “My son had a birthday party and I invited everyone on his sports team. A few parents responded and came but others didn’t even answer the message back.

“I don’t know if they think I will be in a thong bikini sitting on their husbands' lap while singing happy birthday to my kids or what.

“It used to make me sad that people would categorise him as a saint while I’m the devil. Our neighbour wouldn’t even accept a housewarming gift from my hands.”

As well as gracing the cover of Playboy, sports lover Sara is now an ESPN regular, where she talks on the radio about American football.

She used to believe other mums were simply intimidated by her success but she is now convinced that they feel insecure about how open she is about her sexuality.

Some have even paid her monthly OnlyFans subscription just to ask her whether she was flirting with their husbands on the playground.

Laughing, Sara said: “My day involves getting off an ESPN show, rushing to hockey, planning the sex tape I will make with my husband and I’ve got a million followers that I answer to daily.

“Trust me, little Tommy’s dad didn’t make my to-do list.”

She acknowledged that she was not the typical school mum but still feels like she should be treated equally.

The mum concluded: “It’s not normal to have your son play hockey with someone else that has a Playmate as a mum or an OnlyFans creator. But simply ignoring me is pathetic.

“You don’t have to agree with me or my sexuality to talk about PAW Patrol or Minecraft. I watch movies and Yellowstone too.

“This is the new American dream. I'm not going to accommodate people’s insecurities.

“My kids don’t look at their life and say ‘darn, my mum sucks’. They look at other kids and feel sorry that their mum is a Karen who can’t have fun.

“That’s a win for me.”


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