Teacher appreciation! Hilarious snaps of the biggest classroom fails

Bad education! Hilarious snaps show teachers’ biggest classroom fails – from turning up in odd shoes to covering lesson plans in wax

  • Wacko Jacko has rounded up a selection of hilarious classroom fails that teachers around the world have posted on social media
  • One, shows a teacher dressed in identical clothing to a neon pink highlighter 
  • Here, FEMAIL has rounded up some of the funniest and most unfortunate pics

While teachers may be a hard-working and  underappreciated bunch, they’re not immune to some serious mishaps in the classroom that might land their pupils in detention. 

However, some teachers are fully embracing this and have shared their biggest classroom fails, from an unfortunate watering can mishap to creating a what looked like a murder scene. 

Wacko Jacko has rounded up a selection of the funniest teacher mishaps from around the world, including a lecturer spilling candle wax all over the their lesson plan on Zoom. 

Here Femail reveals some of the funny snaps that wil give you an education in teaching fails.  

Get dressed in the dark? This teacher was snapping a picture of their wet feet, only to realise that they had been walking around in odd pairs of shoes 

Don’t play with fire! Today’s important lesson is not to light candles next to your lesson plan. This lecturer managed to spill hot wax all over their notes during a zoom lecture they were giving

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Time to party! Imagine this teacher’s horror when they opened a packet of ‘Heart Shaped Balloons’ for a class party 

Who wore it better! We wonder if the class let the teacher know that she was dressed like a neon pink highlighter 

Stuck between a cod and a hard plaice: This teacher had to think on their feet when they killed the class pets 

The classic: This teacher’s dog really did the homework – they are definitely going to have to let the pupils get away with the same excuse now 

That won’t stick! In the US this teacher mistook their sunscreen stick for the glue stick… Hopefully they didn’t waste too much time 

Well that’s awkward: Elsewhere in the US, this teacher was mortified when she tried to clean away a student’s inappropriate drawing only to make it worse 

At the scene of the crime: In Sweden a teacher forgot they left the dissected lamb organs to thaw, and walked in on an alarming scene

It’s like stealing candy from a baby: This teacher mistook their pupil’s snack as a gift. We wonder how they explained their way out of that  

Oh dear! The main question here is why didn’t this teacher go and dry off instead of posting this embarrassing faux pas on social media 

Locked out! This teacher knew how to make an entrance when they turned up to their first teaching job only find themselves locked out. So they made a new door 

Happy Mother’s Day: Let’s pray these kids had gone out for a backup gift after their teacher left their handprints in the oven for too long 

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