Teen and Elderly Woman Who Connected by Wrong Text Celebrate 4th Thanksgiving Together

<p>Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench have "become really good friends."</p>
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<p>It's been four years since a phone number mix-up brought a pair of strangers together for Thanksgiving.</p>
<p>Wanda Dench accidentally texted Jamal Hinton around this time in 2016, believing she was inviting her grandson over for the annual family feast. After discovering their lines were crossed, Jamal asked if he could &quot;still get a plate&quot; at her house, with Wanda responding, &quot;Of course you can. That's what grandmas do — feed everyone.&quot;</p>
<p>Living about an hour apart from each other in Arizona, they decided to meet up, with their story becoming a viral sensation. &quot;Somebody grandma is coming in clutch this year!! Ayee!!!&quot; wrote Jamal on Twitter at the time, racking up 132,000 likes.</p>
<p>And ever subsequent Thanksgiving, they've made it a tradition to come together and catch up.</p>
<p>&quot;She's a great cook and she's a great person to just hang out with,&quot; Jamal said of Wanda to <strong>Time</strong>.</p>
<p>But the pair have become more than just Turkey Day pals.</p>
<p>&quot;We've become really good friends,' Jamal told <strong>The New York Post</strong>. &quot;Unfortunately, our schedules don't usually line up too well and we live an hour and a half apart, but we have managed to have a couple dinners at her house and restaurants.&quot;</p>
<p>Last year, Jamal even brought his girlfriend Mikaela along to enjoy the November fete with Wanda and her husband Lonnie.</p>
<p>As to whether Jamal will host the event for Wanda and Lonnie, he said it will happen as soon as he and Mikaela are settled in their new pad.</p>
<p>&quot;We wanted to host Thanksgiving but I think it's basically impossible since we're moving in the day before,&quot; he told Time. &quot;Next year.&quot;</p>

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