Tesco refuse to sell mum scratchcard because of her ‘clever’ two-year-old girl

A furious mum was refused a scratchcard at a Tesco – after her two-year-old daughter had pointed it and recognised the number seven.

Sylena Smith, 36, claims the cashier said little Ayva had picked the Blazin' 7s ticket on Thursday – and so wouldn't sell it.

But the toddler, who is learning numbers at the moment, had said: "Look mummy, its the number seven."

Sylena, who was shopping at the large supermarket in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, told Mirror Online the dispute "made her feel like a criminal".

The full-time mum added: The cashier said 'Sorry, I can't serve you because she [Ayva] picked it. I laughed and said 'she's two, its obviously not for her'.

"Again she refused, so I said 'fine I'll pick a different one, she said 'nope I cant sell you any of them'.

"It is ridiculous. I was so upset with how they were making me feel, but i didn't want to leave because I thought that scratchcard could be my millions.

"I felt like a criminal, like I had done something wrong because my daughter is clever and knows her numbers."

Sylena asked to speak to the manager who allegedly came after some 10 minutes and "didn't acknowledge" the mum.

The mum, from Aylesbury, continued: "You cannot stop a toddler from saying numbers.

"I stayed because that could have been my millions.

"The manager made a phone call on her mobile phone and eventually told the assistant to serve me."

But Sylena has since complained to Tesco's customer service team but has become frustrated with it's "lack of communication".

The mum-of-one, who visited the supermarket for some groceries, said: "I am worried to go back into the store to get anymore scratchcards when my daughter is there as she will do the same thing she is only a child.

"I don't want to go through that again.

"They [the customer service team] said the manager of the store in question would call me and she did a few hours later.

"She listened and said she would send me some flowers, but I don't really want flowers."

And to compound her misery, Sylena didn't win anything on her scratchcard.

Blazin' 7s is a National Lottery game, and each scratchcard costs £1.

Mirror Online has contacted Tesco for comment.

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