The 5 Best Couples Sex Toys That Will Get You Off While Miles Apart

Long-distance relationships have this scary fog surrounding them that the normal kind don't. When will you next see your partner? Will they grow bored of constantly FaceTiming? How can you sexually gratify each other miles and miles away? Luckily, there are some tricks to ease the doubts and worries, especially for that last bit. 

Sex toys are a great way to ease the intimacy gap while you and your partner are away from each other. After all, nothing spices up a video call quite like getting off with your favorite vibrator in the middle of it. And while you could go with classic devices like rabbits and dildos, there are toys out there specially designed for remote partner pleasure. 

Check out five of the best-reviewed and most customer-loved couples toys below. There are options out there for owners of vulvas and penises, many of which can be controlled via app so that a partner can get involved in the fun wherever they are. These cock rings, genderless vibrators, and ergonomic rabbits all prove that, while distance might not be on your side, technology sure is.

We-Vibe Nova 2 

This is not your ordinary rabbit vibrator, though no hate to them — there are so many impressive models out there. Instead of simply offering a few vibrations, this one has a whole plethora of settings to choose from on its app. The bulbed-out tip is curated to target the G-spot, while the curved arm stimulates the clitoris with each thrust. It's a two-in-one gadget in more ways than one, if you catch my drift. 

One reviewer called it "enormous fun for long-distance." (At 8.5 inches long, "enormous" is certainly the correct verbiage.) "I bought this as an addition to our toy selection purely for the app control feature. We used this app in conjunction with a FaceTime call so we could fully share the experience together. Worked like a dream … Overall a great toy that after about 10 minutes, my partner had decided was money very well spent."

Shop now: $150;

PicoBong Blowhole M-Cup 

There are undoubtedly more toys out there for women than there are men, which is why this M-cup is such a game-changer for couples whether they're together or apart. The silicone masturbation cup comes packed with six vibration settings that'll add even more pleasure to each stroke. 

"I've spent some intense time with the blowhole, and can honestly say it's by far the best toy I own," wrote one reviewer. "I've achieved the strongest orgasm of my life with this wonderful piece of sexual pleasure."

Shop now: $140;

We-Vibe Melt 

If you have a clitoris and haven't tried a vibrator that uses air pulsations to get you to climax, now's the time to buy one. This type of device mimics the sensations of oral sex to provide a uniquely intimate experience. Add some fun to your routine by giving your partner the reins to the 12 vibration modes via the toy's app. Here, they'll be able to change the intensity levels as they wish — and get you off just how you both like. 

One reviewer wrote that it's "a lot of fun to use." They added that their wife "highly recommends this, and says it's something all women should have."

Shop now: $140 (was $200);

Maude Drop 

Small but mighty, this egg-shaped vibrator is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere — on anyone. The gender-neutral cone-shaped design can target specific points or stimulate larger areas depending on how you use it: Use the tip to stimulate erogenous zones, like the clitoris or anus, or use the sides for a sultry massage on the back, neck, or pelvis. The simple yet powerful vibe is a winner for novice users and advanced toy collectors alike. 

"My husband's and my first vibrator — an effort to make bedroom time a little easier after our first child," wrote one reviewer. "It's been such a blessing to our marriage and is easy, fun, and very helpful! I can't compare it to others, but let's just say it made me feel brand new."

The $45 price point makes it the most affordable option on this list, even when each partner gets one of their own. While apart, synchronize your speeds (there are three options) to build a climax together that'll be so good, you'll forget about how many miles are between you. 

Shop now: $45;

We-Vibe Verge 

The classic cock ring of years past has recently gotten a major technological makeover. Case in point: We-Vibe's verge model. The vibrating silicone ring is completely hands-free, which can come in handy during penetration or phone sex. Control it via remote or app and watch your partner go from zero to 100 real quick. 

"My partner loves this toy, it was brought to keep things going while we ain't together," explained one five-star reviewer. "Good selection of settings, absolutely nothing bad whatsoever to say about this product except he now likes to play alone more." 

Shop now: $120;

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