The Affordable Jewelry Brand Meghan Markle Wears on Repeat Just Dropped the Hottest Summer Collection

Now I'll be the first to admit that I love a great discount. Unfortunately, finding a jewelry brand that checks both the high-quality and affordable price point box is tough. But there's one budget-friendly label that's getting major buzz right now. 

Missoma is a London-based label that creates a ton of designs that are under $100 (nothing over $369), and the label has a long roster of celebrity fans, from Margot Robbie to Cindy Crawford to Meghan Markle (she's wearing the $110 Open Heart ring, the $97 Moonstone bracelet, and the $89 Double Chain bracelet above).

Missoma definitely deserves all of the hype from all of the A-list ladies. In addition to the fancy-looking designs and great prices, the brand consistently puts out collections that are having a positive impact on communities around the world. Missoma's latest collection, Momposina, was inspired by Mompox, Colombia, a city known for high-quality crafting of jewelry.

"Because of its location, it used to be a keep safe for all of South American gold that was eventually shipped to Europe in colonial times," Daniela Riascos, a Director and Producer who worked on the Momposina campaign, exclusively tells "That allowed for the people of Mompox to develop the filigree craft. They inherited the filigree craft from the Spaniards, who in turn inherited filigree from the Arabs. So for 400 years, the Mompox people have been developing their craft of working filigree."

During the launch event for Missoma's new Momposina collection, model Chanel Iman and actress Kate Bosworth stopped by to show their support for the cause-worthy jewelry line. "I love brands who are trying to give back to women and the economy in these places that have had hardships," Bosworth exclusively tells

"The dollar amount isn’t important to me," Bosworth admits. "And I also think it’s a very modern way of dressing. If you can find things that you love, and they are made in an artisanal way, and they’re affordable, and you can be inspired by the story, then that to me is more important than anything else."

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