'Things Got Bad' Between Prince William and Prince Harry Leading to Split: Is Meghan Markle to Blame?

Rumors of a feud between Prince William and Prince Harry might have quieted for a short time, but the buzz about a rift is back in full force again with news that Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking away from a joint charity venture with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Why are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle removing themselvesfrom the Royal Foundation?

The Royal Foundation was established by the four royals, but it appears that the Sussexes are moving away from the charity. That kind of decision, naturally, lends itself to rumors that there must be some fighting going on amongst the four or, at the very least, the brothers are still feuding.

The quartet were dubbed the “fab four” when they appeared onstage together last year for the charity’s Q&A session, according to TheSun. Now they wish to pursue their own charities separately.

A royal source explained that the tension between theprinces is to blame, noting, “Things did get very bad between the brothers andthey didn’t see each other privately for a number of months after the royalwedding.”

The insider added: “Certainly the animosity over status,money and Meghan meant that the split in their joint households had to bebrought forward much more quickly than anticipated, so perhaps it wasinevitable that their joint charity has to be split too.”

Why are they heading in different directions?

In addition to the rumors of fighting amongst the four ofthem, there is a more reasonable explanation that really has to do with eachcouple having their own goals and paths to travel.

The royal insider noted: “Meghan and Harry want to do thingsdifferently to William and Kate,” adding, “William is the future king and so issometimes restricted in what he can do.”

The rigidity isn’t a good fit for Prince Harry and Markle, as the insider shared: “The Sussexes want the flexibility of more commercial decisions.” They further noted that “the brothers’ relationship has vastly improved since their working lives have separated.”

The split is a process

Breaking apart from one another is, the insider tells The Sun, “a complex procedure,” sharing, “The Sussexes weren’t in a rush to make any changes, but the Cambridges were. However it’s a complex procedure and very sensitive.”

They further noted: “The Cambridges have definite constitutionally-bound roots, and now the Sussexes have married and started a family, with the Duchess being American, they have more freedom. Nothing will be done quickly and it’ll be a phased untangling of many of the joint initiatives, not an overnight chop.”

Are the couples ‘at war’?

Given this latest development among the couples, royal commentator Angela Mollard believes there might need to be some communication that provides “damage limitation” since it’s easy enough for the media to spin a narrative about them being “at war” with each other.

Mollard told The Morning Show: “When they announce, ifthere is going to be a split, they’ll have to do a lot of PR and damagelimitation around it. It’s very hard to believe these couples are not at warwith each other. There is no actual reason they have to do it, I can’tsee.”

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