Tipping Point viewers spot clue that machine is 'rigged' as fan is 'cheated' out of win

FUMING Tipping Point viewers have claimed that the coin-pushing device on the ITV game show is rigged after a contestant was unfairly given the boot.

The viewers believed they noticed something dodgy in the moments leading up to the contestant’s departure, arguing it proves there’s more to the Tipping Point machine than meets the eye. 

On Tuesday’s episode, the contestant, Gemma, was left gutted when she failed to nab a massive wave of cash during one drop. 

The ‘ambient drop’, as it’s called, saw a counter come loose after her time was up, knocking some money down to the bottom of the machine – but she didn’t win it. 

Gemma was then sent packing from the hit ITV programme after missing out on the next round by a mere fifty quid. 

Flocking to Twitter in fury, some fans said the contestant should have had the cash added to her total and claimed she was “robbed”. 

One wrote: "Gemma has got to be the unluckiest contestant ever. Those counters took too long to drop and that’s what cost her the game. Gutted for her”. 

Others called for changes to the rules and ranted about presenter Ben Shephard.

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Then there were those who mocked them for suggesting the host has anything to do with setting the rules or the way the ambient drops work out. 

"I have to chuckle at people blaming Ben for the ambient drop debacles”, commented one. 

Despite fans losing their minds at the elimination, it is not believed the machine is rigged. 

Instead, it appears the loss was nothing more than bad luck, and that’s all there is to it. 

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