What is YOUR ideal job based on your star sign?

Revealed: The best job for YOUR star sign – from journalism for changeable Geminis to a legal career for diplomatic Librans

  • Astrologer Sasha Fenton has revealed the jobs that best suit each star sign
  • Diplomatic Libras thrive as lawyers while Geminis enjoy the variety of journalism
  • The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness is out today

An astrologer has revealed the professions that best suit each star sign in a fascinating new book. 

UK-based Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness, out today, which offers an introduction to the 12 star signs and the ways they interact with each other.

She also delves into how the personality traits most closely associated with each star sign translate to the workplace, and how this might impact the type of job you seek or the level of responsibility you hold.  

Here, in an extract shared exclusively with FEMAIL, Sasha reveals the type of working environment that will bring out the best in you, the type of position you should seek to hold and the ideal careers for your star sign.  

Key to career success? UK-based Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness which reveals the jobs best suited to your star sign

Aires (March 20 – April 19) 


Your sign is very competitive in all areas of life, but especially at work, and you thrive on being surrounded by a large number of people. Public service is likely to attract you, especially if it helps those who find themselves in emergency situations, which is why there are a lot of Arian police officers and paramedics. 

A job that carries an aspect of teaching, training or looking after inexperienced team members works well for you. Many Arians find their way into the teaching professions, the armed forces and the government, where there are many people around to get to know. 

Your nature is intensely political and, if you don’t actually find a committee or a political pressure group to join, you put your instinctive talent for office politics to use in some other way. An area of work such as the automobile industry or engineering is another option, because of your natural grasp of all things mechanical. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Whatever you do, you quickly work your way up the ladder of success through a mixture of intelligence and your ability to play the game of corporate politics better than most. 

Some Arians work very hard indeed, but other members of your sign can be lazy. Either way, once you find something that really grabs your interest, you make a success out of it through sheer hard work, a bit of luck, political adroitness and good judgement. When you reach a position of power, you must try to avoid bossiness or insensitive behaviour to those whose jobs are under your control. 


Your choice of job involves either middle to upper management in a large organization, or running your own show completely. A typical example is a small crash-repair garage, where you not only run the business but can also get your hands dirty. 

JOBS: Police officer, teacher, engineer 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


Creative streak: There are areas of work that particularly suit Taurus – working as a make-up artist or as a builder, for example. While these appear to be completely different from each other, there is an underlying similarity: the theme of creation and artistry runs through both

There are areas of work that particularly suit your sign – working as a make-up artist or as a builder, for example. While these appear to be completely different from each other, there is an underlying similarity: the Taurean theme of creation and artistry runs through both careers.

Alternatively, your safe hands and love of beauty could take you into a job such as being a dancer or even working in the fashion industry. You also have a natural affinity with the production and presentation of food, so anything from farming to running a chocolate shop could fulfil you.

You may be attracted to the world of money and banking, but if you use your talents in this way, you will undoubtedly want to have a hands-on hobby for your spare time.

You have great visual ability, which makes you perfect for work in any kind of design capacity, whether this be engineering, bike mechanics, interior decorating or even landscape gardening. Beauty and symmetry in all its forms appeal to your sensitive sense of space and design.


You enjoy being part of a team in a fairly ordinary kind of organization. There is a side to you that yearns for glamour, so attaching yourself to the world of film or television in a technical capacity is another excellent idea.

JOBS: Chef, designer, builder.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


Variety is key for you, as you cannot stand working at a repetitive job. You can put your mind to a numbingly boring task if there is a specific reason for it, but once it is finished you won’t repeat it! Office life suits your character well, preferably a busy office where phones are ringing and things are happening all around you. If you do spend any part of your working day alone, it is while you are driving from one appointment to another, and even here your phone is constantly pinging. 

You are able to do a dozen things at once, all of them quickly and efficiently, and you seem to be able to cope with anything that is thrown at you, as long as it doesn’t become too stressful. Your nerves are not strong, so the pressure of top management is probably not for you, but you really thrive as a team member in a busy, happy place. 

Many Geminis travel around during the course of their work, which suits them perfectly. Although they are naturally very sociable and love working with people, they also love the sense of freedom that this brings them. 


You do not like to be ordered around and you can cope with surprisingly large projects, so a management position suits you. Some Geminis are not ambitious but still like to feel needed, in which case a key role could be a good choice for you. 

JOBS: Journalist, accountant 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Never forget a face: Many Cancerians are happiest when running a small business of their own, so keeping a shop suits them well. They tend to have phenomenal memories for names

Chaos at work doesn’t bother you as long as peace reigns in your home: you enjoy being in a busy environment with people around and plenty going on. Loud noises upset you though, so working in a noisy place such as a building site or airport  might be a little too much for you. However, if you were to decide to work at a kennel, it wouldn’t matter how many dogs were barking, because you’d love them all and you’d be able to distinguish between happy barks and distressed ones.

As well as loving animals, Cancerians are naturally friendly and genuinely interested in meeting a variety of new people. Any job which allows you either to travel around or to work faceto-face with the public would suit you very well – such as shop work or acting as a sales representative. You have a phenomenal memory, and faces and names rarely escape you. With your excellent memory and love of history, museum work would appeal to you. You like being on or by the sea, which can lead you to work for a travel organization or even to join the Navy.

Many Cancerians are happiest when running a small business of their own, so keeping a shop suits you well. Some Cancerians do extremely well by owning pet or antique shops, where they can offer their specialized knowledge to the public. 

Others are happy when working as estate agents or managers, due to the natural affinity between this sign and the property world.


Because you need your own space, running a small shop would suit you nicely. You can find it difficult to get on with colleagues at work, so a job that allows you to be independent may be a better idea. As you are very persuasive and you enjoy sales work, working in PR might be an appealing job.

JOBS: Pension planner, childminder, shop owner

Leo (July 23 – August 22)


Despite the fact that some astrologists will tell you that you need a glamorous environment, you can do a dirty and menial job as long as the pay is good and – better still – as long as the business belongs to you! However, the fact is that you do prefer a prestigious role, such as working at a company that is leading in its field. You cope very well with stressful situations and impossible deadlines.

Your ultimate job would be that of a glamorous entertainer – a singer or movie star in the glittering world of show business. You love to befriend those who are powerful and influential, because the chances are that you are also in a position of power and prestige.

If you have your own business, you work extremely hard to make a success of it because you can’t bear the thought of failure. Elegant clothes, a chauffeured limousine and business trips to glittering locations such as Tokyo and Las Vegas suit you very nicely.


There is only one position in any organization for you – being the boss. If you can’t work your way to the top in someone else’s organization, you simply consider the possibility of starting your own.

JOBS: Celebrity, high-flying executive, diamond merchant

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


You may secretly feel that you are cleverer than those for whom you work and that you could do their job better than they do, but the fact is that you do not really feel comfortable in a position of power and responsibility. You need to be a step or two away from the top, so the real decision-making can be shouldered by someone whose nerves are steadier than yours.

You enjoy supplying a service or applying your brains for the benefit of others, but you need proper recognition and also generous payment for your efforts. Many Virgoans are freelance workers, either taking their skills with them from place to place or working from home and therefore meeting the needs of a number of large organizations. Freelance journalism or creating and selling software may suit you well.

Your sign is particularly keen on all aspects of healthy living so you are naturally drawn to the health industry, working in establishments such as health food shops and fitness centres.

You love to encourage others to live a healthy life and to understand the need to eat properly. You may take up nursing and remain in the traditional area of the medical profession, or decide later on to work in a more alternative therapy field.


You are a wonderful assistant, but are uncomfortable in the role of boss. Giving orders to others doesn’t come easily to you and – if they are slower and less efficient in what they do than you are – this irritates you.

JOBS: Writer, software programmer, nurse

Libra (September 23 – October 22)


Diplomatic: Legal work suits Libras as you can always see both sides of an argument and can be sure to find a logical and fair way of dealing with any kind of legal matter. Stock image

You are the world’s best liaison officer. Agency work that allows you to put the right person or service into the right place gives you great satisfaction, so a career in recruitment, or a startup that supplies specialized goods, could be just right for you.

You love to give good advice and your retentive mind means that you usually know just where to lay your hands on the appropriate piece of information when it is needed.

Legal work suits you as you can always see both sides of an argument and can be sure to find a logical and fair way of dealing with any kind of legal matter. Many Librans are competent cooks, electricians and craft workers. They use their talents to start climbing the ladder of success, but no longer need these skills as they move beyond the hands-on level.

Your pleasant and accessible manner makes it easy for you to deal with the public, and people instinctively feel at ease with you and trust you completely. You have a good brain and fine judgement, rarely entering into work that is speculative or risky. 

If you work in a sales environment, you ensure that you know all there is to know about your product before you embark on selling it to others, because you realize that it is your knowledge and experience that will guarantee success. You are extremely conscientious about offering a good after-sales service as well, so your customers know that they will be looked after and receive good value for money.


Any position that allows you to smooth things over between people is a natural one for you. You love to be the ‘front’ person, the maitre d’ in a restaurant or the PR chief of a political organization, where you can charm everyone into doing things the best way.

JOBS: Lawyer, employment agent, decorator

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


You are a hard worker and you need what you do to be meaningful, so simply serving cups of coffee won’t fit the bill. Being proud, you need a position that has some serious status attached to it, though you may not actually wish to be the head of an organization. 

Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness

Your favourite position is one where your influence is great but your face and name are less well known than the charismatic character whose leadership you foster. You can be extremely ruthless if someone gets in your way, so the construction and destruction of other colleagues are equally easy for you to handle. 

Many Scorpios start out with medical training, and whether you end up directly involved in this field or not, the urge to help and to heal others remains with you throughout life. Some Scorpios also have an instinct for all things mechanical, which may lead naturally into a career in engineering.


Being in charge of anything worries you and you are far too tense to roll with the punches, but you make an admirable second in command. If you can work for or alongside someone you really trust, your intuition and common sense will add much to the success of the enterprise.

JOBS: Doctor, soldier, management consultant

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


Many Sagittarians work in the fields of broadcasting, publishing and the travel trade. It is the communication of ideas and the transport of people that attract you, because something in your psyche hates for ideas, people, situations or you yourself to stagnate for long in one place. 

Your favourite environment is one that has many rooms, studios or offices, and lots of people popping in and out of them. You enjoy keeping up with the latest gossip and you always have your finger on the pulse of the organization you work for. 

Teaching is also another great job for you and the busy environment you find in a school suits you. An airport has a similar feel to it, being noisy and bustling, and the work is not too predictable. Silence and solitude would drive you crazy. Some Sagittarians have excellent manual skills, which could open up the world of carpentry, electrical work or plumbing.

If you do work in a technical environment, you do so extremely well, and get it right every time. You also have a highly developed aesthetic sense, that can lead you into the creative realm of art and design. 


Although yours is a restless sign, you often find a role that suits you and then stick to it for years. You love to be part of a creative team where you can use your ideas to inspire others and you derive great satisfaction from seeing your plans put into action.

JOBS: Travel consultant, carpenter, broadcaster

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


Status and prestige: Banking or stock market analysis, where huge figures are ‘crunched’ through computer systems, can suit a Capricorn’s outlook. Stock image

Status and prestige are very important to you, and, while your own job may not be particularly exciting, you prefer it to be in an environment that deals with inspiring or interesting products. Many Capricornians work in publishing. Shipping is another area that might attract you, since it involves large quantities of goods being moved from one place to another. Similarly, banking or stock market analysis, where huge figures are ‘crunched’ through computer systems, can suit your outlook.

Dirty work in an outdoor environment is not for you and neither is any field that brings you up against harsh reality, such as spending your days inside an operating theatre. A nice quiet office where you could bury yourself in the accounts department would be much more appealing to you. 

Many Capricornians have a unique nature that probably results from the fact that their sensible sign is wedged between the super-eccentric signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius. This can lead you into the fields of alternative health, with osteopathy heading the list of potential careers. 

These days there is no shortage of Capricornians working in aromatherapy and many other fields of healing and wellness.


Any job that involves figures, statistics and money works well for you. You may be drawn to a creative field such as publishing or theatre management, but you will still run this as though it were a banking organization. 

JOBS: Banker, publisher, theatre owner

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


Although you are drawn to secure jobs in offices, you have a side to your character that needs to find a way to exercise your intelligence and originality.

Computing is second nature to you, and, while everyone else struggles to keep up with the latest technology, your analytical mind instinctively understands how it all works. Your grasp of all things technical and logical can lead you into computer graphics or the more technical aspects of astrology.

Teaching is a natural outlet for your talents, as it gives you a chance to help and inspire others and is also a good opportunity to show off your own extensive knowledge. 

A great many self-employed builders, electricians and plumbers are born under your sign, and it is the feeling of running your own show and the freedom that this brings you that lure so many of you into these fields.

A safe, secure job making desserts in a large catering organization is not ideal for you. 


In theory, you should be an independent worker, creating computer games or packaging designs but, in fact, this is rarely the case. Teaching is a good area for you to work in and you are most comfortable in a fairly senior management position. 

JOBS: Inventor, astrologer, designer 

Pisces (February 20 – March 19)


There are extremely efficient and capable Pisceans who make excellent businessmen and women, but as this is one of the most contradictory signs, there are also those who work in exactly the opposite way. 

There is a kind of shapeless, unformed aspect to the way these other Pisceans live and work, which must be poured into a creative outlet. Your sign is full of artists, musicians, china restorers, sculptors, fashion designers, actors and dancers, all of whom use their creative talents to bring beauty into the lives of others. 

Your task is to remind us that the mundane day-to-day world we live in must be filled with light, colour, glamour and fun. You love the beauty and aesthetic appeal of crystals, and may work with these, if not in a healing capacity, then in the manufacture of jewellery or art. There are so many people who have the sun or moon in Pisces who work in the healing professions that it seems to be a prerequisite for the job. 


You need to enjoy your working day and to feel that the products or the ideas you are handling mean something. Money alone is not a driving force in your life, but you do have a strong need to have your talents recognized and be appreciated by others. You could work alone or in a small team as an artist, jeweller or charity organizer. Whatever you choose to do, it should be creative and unusual. 

JOBS: Artist, musician, wellness teacher 

Extracted from The Magic of Astrology: for health, home and happiness by Sasha Fenton (Pavilion Books), out today.

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