Who Would Have Made a Better Queen, Camilla Parker Bowles or Princess Diana?

Now that Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, willone day become queen consort, some royal watchers can’t help but compare her tothe late PrincessDiana. The duchess’ connection to Prince Charles seems to inevitably linkher to the princess. Not everyone is a big fan of Parker Bowles, but most havecome to accept her. Who would make a better queen, Camilla Parker Bowles or PrincessDiana?

What would Princess Diana have been like as queen?

Princess Diana had a heart for people. Her care and concernfor others helped convey a warmer image of the royal family, compared to theoften cold one portrayed in the past, according to Ingrid Seward, author of thebook, The Queen and Di. Seward spokeabout Princess Diana’s gentle spirit and how she made an effort to extend helpto the less fortunate:

She also had a genuine sympathy for the ill and troubled. In a royal family desperately in need of a humane face, she was the only one who could kneel to comfort a sick child and look as if she meant it. As much as anyone, [Queen] Elizabeth saw the good that Diana could do for the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth had some reservations about Princess Diana’s behavior

Although Queen Elizabeth saw many good qualities in herdaughter-in-law, she also saw behaviors she didn’t like. The queen wasn’t toohappy with Princess Diana’s tendency to talk to the media about life behind thepalace doors. Here’s what Seward had to say about Princess Diana’s clashes withQueen Elizabeth:

Yet as the Princess increasingly went her own way—for instance, when she gave a TV interview and questioned whether Charles had the moral character to be king—she became more and more of a liability. Charles and Diana had separated late in 1992; they were divorced in August 1996. And barely a year later, she was dead.

In the end, Diana was the one person the Queen never learned to handle. She reacted badly to criticism—any rebuke by the Queen was taken as an instance of the family ganging up on her. Neither patience nor the silent, steely-eyed displeasure Elizabeth had learned to deploy with such withering effect made any impression on Diana. Yet by doing nothing, and by allowing Diana to disregard the constraints of convention that keep the monarchy in place, the Queen unwittingly allowed the Princess to run out of control.

What would Camilla Parker Bowles be like as a queen?

Many royal watchers didn’t know how to feel after Parker Bowlesmarried Prince Charles and became next in line to become queen consort. Quite afew people couldn’t let go of the fact Princess Diana would never become queen.Since Prince Charles and Parker Bowles allegedly had an affair while he wasstill married to Princess Diana, some had trouble accepting the duchess. However,the public has warmed up to her and accepted her as the future queen consort. Overthe years, Parker Bowles has gained the public’s trust through her service tothe people and dedication to the British royal family. It seems she would makea good queen.

Would Princess Diana or Camilla Parker Bowles have made a better queen?

So, who would have made a better queen? Both Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles would make excellent queens. From what we know about her, Princess Diana seemed to care deeply for people and was dedicated to her causes. Parker Bowles also shares these qualities. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will be great leaders.

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