Why Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom haven’t set a wedding date

Katy Perry got engaged to Orlando Bloom on Valentine’s Day, but the two have yet to hint at a wedding date or any kind of concrete plans for their nuptials.

However, according to Perry, the details of the big day aren’t what’s really important here.

The “American Idol” judge was asked how the wedding plans are coming along in an interview with KISS Breakfast, the morning show of the U.K. radio station KISS.

“One step at a time, but definitely, y’know, [I’m] trying to, like, lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment — which is a big deal, you know?” she said.

This will be the second marriage for both Perry, 34, and Bloom, 42. She was previously married to Russell Brand, and Bloom was previously married to Miranda Kerr, with whom he shares a son.

Perry’s use of phrases like “good emotional foundation” of her relationship dovetails with her new video for “Never Really Over,” which shows her engaging in various New Age therapies to deal with a breakup.

Speaking to KISS Breakfast, Perry said the video is “kind of like representative of the last five years of just how I live.”

“Y’know, that California hippie, New Age style, where you’re just trying to look inwards before going out, y’know?” she added.

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