Woman deflates heavily pregnant belly in dramatic transformation

A woman baffled many by demonstrating how she can ‘deflate’ her very pregnant belly.

Chloe Elizabeth Rose, 20, has her first baby a year ago and is now due to give birth to her second child in July.

The mum, who is near enough ready to pop, has somehow managed to make her baby bump almost disappear completely – without the guise of a baggy t-shirt.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 969,000 views, Chloe donned a black bralette and some beige joggers that flaunted her tattoos and pregnant belly.

Along with the sound effect of a popping sound, the mum mimicked pulling something out of her belly button.

As a whooshing deflating sound played, Chloe’s baby bump began to decrease in size to the point she barely looked pregnant.

The mum’s tum got smaller and smaller until she turned to the camera and smiled.

She jokingly captioned the post: “I was never actually pregnant, just sticking it out.”

Utterly baffled by Chloe’s ‘deflating’ baby bump, many people fled to the comments to voice their confusion.

One person commented: “I’m so confused.”

Another user added: “I tried doing this when I was pregnant with my twins, I swear I nearly vommed.”

A third person voiced: “What just happened.”

Someone else chuckled: “Claustrophobia be scaring the baby right now.”

And, a fifth person expressed: “Wait WHAT.”

Although the ‘deflation’ trick looked rather impressive, Chloe was not actually deflating her pregnant tum.

The mum is not actually sucking in but is doing something called a ‘belly pump’ which creates the illusion of a pregnant belly ‘deflating’.

Personal Trainer Brooke Cates penned the movement which is called the ‘Bloom Method’.

In a previous clip of a pregnant woman doing the same ‘deflation’ technique as Chloe, Brooke told Today: “She’s inhaling with the diaphragm as the belly gets bigger and then on the exhale, she’s lifting through the pelvic floor and starting to wrap the transverse abdominal muscles.”

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