Woman finds hidden door to a 'haunted' hotel after terrifying dream

Woman discovers creepy hidden door to a ‘haunted’ hotel behind a mirror in her salon – after having a NIGHTMARE about finding a secret entryway with ‘dead bodies’ behind it

  • A Texas-based woman named Miranda shared several videos on TikTok revealing that her mother found a hidden door behind a full-length mirror in her salon
  • Miranda said the discovery came not long after her mom dreamed ‘about there being a secret door’ in the space – which is what prompted her to go looking for it
  • According to Miranda, 24, her mother’s salon is located next door to the Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, which is famous for being ‘haunted’  
  • Several people who have stayed in or lived in the hotel have detailed mysterious sightings within the location
  • Miranda’s mother was so disturbed by her dream that she ripped a mirror off the wall of her salon to reveal a hidden door behind it 
  • The door had been sealed from the other side – but there is a space in the salon that they believe is an old elevator shaft, which appears to have hollow walls 
  • They are now waiting for a construction worker to tear through the wall so they can see whether anything is hidden behind it 
  • Miranda joked her mom must be ‘possessed’ after having the dream, but several TikTok users suggested she is a ‘medium’ being used by spirits who need help 

A woman has been left terrified after discovering a secret door to a ‘haunted’ hotel behind a mirror in her salon – which she only went looking for because she had a nightmare about finding a hidden entryway to the creepy venue. 

According to a series of viral TikTok videos shared by her daughter Miranda, 24, the woman ‘dreamed there was a secret door’ behind a mirror in her Waxahachie, Texas, salon, which is located next door to the infamous Rogers Hotel – which has long been the subject of ghostly speculation and stories. 

‘My mom had a dream that at her salon there was a hidden door, and sure the hell enough she just found a hidden door,’ Miranda reveals in a now-viral TikTok video, which shows her mother pulling a full-length mirror off the wall in her salon, and ripping a hole in what looks like Styrofoam insulation behind it. 

Terrifying: A woman has discovered a creepy hidden doorway to a ‘haunted’ hotel behind a mirror in her Texas salon 

Mystery: The woman’s daughter, Miranda, 24, shared video footage of her mom ripping open a Styrofoam panel she discovered behind the mirror in her Texas salon 

Premonition? Miranda explained that her mother found the doorway after having a nightmare about discovering a secret entryway that was concealing dead bodies 

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‘She’s literally ripping it. We just found a secret [door] literally. I cannot believe it. What is this? What the hell is this? Oh my god,’ she continues, as her mother rips through the insulation layer to find a black board behind it. 

Miranda’s mother then begins hammering at the wooden panel, while her daughter reveals: ‘So she dreamed that there were dead bodies back here and she dreamed there was a secret door and she f****ng found a secret door.’ 

Much to their frustration, and despite the woman’s best efforts to hammer through the doorway, they couldn’t gain access to the other side – however Miranda promised to share a second clip in which she would update viewers on their progress. 

In that second clip, she also offered more information about the eerie background to the doorway and the building that lies on the other side of it. 

‘So the salon is connected to what’s called the Rogers Hotel, and the Rogers Hotel is super duper haunted,’ Miranda explains, before adding: ‘Pretty sure mom’s possessed by a ghost because she dreamed about there being a secret door and then she found it, so…’ 

The mother and daughter find a man to help them break their way through the wooden paneling behind the mirror, with Miranda filming him breaking a hole in the wood using a circular saw. 

However, they soon discover that the doorway has been sealed over with concrete from the other side – which Miranda later reveals was likely done as part of building work, which took place in 1912. 

‘That hotel is called the Rogers Hotel, it’s really haunted like legit really freaking haunted,’ she shares in another clip. 

‘It was built back in the 1800s and then rebuilt in 1912. It burnt down twice so when they rebuilt it in 1912, they rebuilt it completely out of concrete and the guy who used to own that hotel, the way he rebuilt it is, he put a pool in the basement.

‘His own daughter drowned in the pool in the basement so people say they see puddles of water everywhere and they see that little girl’s silhouette. So that door that we found used to actually lead to something but when that dude rebuilt it, he sealed it off.’

However, the creepy discoveries did not stop with the hidden doorway reveal; as well as finding the door behind the mirror, Miranda revealed that they also learned a small room in the salon was likely part of an ‘old elevator shaft’ that was featured in the original hotel building. 

They then learn that the wall between the salon room and the hotel is hollow. 

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Construction: Miranda explained in a video that the Rogers Hotel was rebuilt in 1912, which is when the doorway was likely sealed over 

Upcoming: However, Miranda explained that they were told a small room in the salon was likely part of an old elevator shaft, and is also believed to be connected to the hotel 

‘Looks like this was an old elevator shaft guys,’ she reveals. ‘There was nothing [behind the mirror], it was a bust. But we think there’s something behind the other wall. 

‘What we’ve discovered is that this [small room] was an old elevator shaft and if you listen [the wall is hollow] so I think there is something sealed off. Because what is this random window? We think there is something definitely hidden but we can’t just go in here and bust the wall down like we want to, unfortunately. 

‘So there was nothing that we found behind [the mirror] but I think there’s something behind there, I really do.’

She added in a follow-up video: ‘That elevator shaft that we found, that wall behind it is hollow. So we think there is something behind that wall but we have to wait a little bit so we can do construction. 

‘There’s going to be much more to come on this story, I just need you all to be patient.’

Although she has not yet revealed whether there was anything to be found behind the elevator shaft wall, Miranda’s videos have caused an outpouring of speculation from spooked TikTok users – many of whom have cautioned the mother and daughter against any further investigation. 

‘It is a haunted hotel and you are opening a portal to the underworld,’ one person commented, while another added: ‘Heck no, I would leave that door as is!’ 

Eerie: ‘That hotel is called the Rogers Hotel, it’s really haunted like legit really freaking haunted,’ Miranda (pictured) revealed

Up next: Miranda explained that the elevator shaft room sounds as though it has a hollow wall – and she believes that may be concealing something 

Hold tight: ‘That elevator shaft that we found, that wall behind it is hollow. So we think there is something behind that wall but we have to wait a little bit so we can do construction,’ she said

Spooky: The Rogers Hotel (pictured) has long been the source of speculation about hauntings and other ghostly sightings 

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Other people suggested that Miranda’s mother may well be a ‘medium’, who is being used by spirits that need to seek help. 

‘She’s not possessed she’s a medium,’ one wrote, prompting another to chime in: ‘Just because she had a dream about the secret door doesn’t mean that she is possessed. She is a medium and a spirit is trying to get her help.’ 

‘Not possessed, just being communicated with,’ a third person added. 

The Rogers Hotel has long been the source of spooky stories about hauntings and ghost sightings, with residents, guests, and former staff members all sharing stories about brushes with paranormal figures – including a little girl and a ‘cowboy’. 

Doug Reid, who is the host of Waxahachie Haunted History Tours, revealed to Waxahachietx.com that a former maintenance man at the hotel claimed to have seen the cowboy ghost in the building. 

According to Reid, the maintenance worker said the cowboy motioned to the basement and said: ‘Don’t come down here, evil things happen here.’ 

The historical tour guide also shared his thoughts on the stories about the ghost of the former owner’s daughter, saying: ‘She can be found in the basement or the lobby. 

‘She likes riding the elevators and turning off the lights and the radio on and off.’   

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