Woman reunited with biological mum after being put up for adoption 17 years ago

A woman has shared the emotional moment she was reunited with her biological mother after she was adopted just two days after birth – and people have been left 'balling' their eyes out.

Rachel Correl, 24, decided she would start looking for the woman who gave birth to her when she turned 17.

Taking to Facebook, she searched her name on the social media website and came across some photos.

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Rachel 'immediately’ thought she found her mum after laying eyes on the photos of a brunette woman with the same name as her biological mother.

And, her instinct was correct.

After ‘dreaming’ her whole life of this moment, Rachel sent a photo of her then 16-year-old pregnant mum as she stood next to her adoptive parents.

“I would understand if you don’t want to talk to me, I just thought I’d try,” Rachel messaged.

Luckily, she was right and had found her biological mother.

“Hi Rachel. I know exactly who you are. I have thought of you every single day for the last 17 (almost 18!) years. And I would love nothing more than to talk with you”, Rachel’s biological mum lovingly replied.

Rachel has now made a TikTok clip full of loving messages from the pair – and shared when they first met after such a long time.

In the video that has racked up 14.2 million views, the pair finally reunited after 18 years of being apart.

Meeting nine months after the initial contact, the biological mother and daughter duo posed for a smiley picture before Rachel was given a gift.

“In this box, there were letters she wrote on my first birthday each year, my first baby clothes and pics, and a promise ring my biological dad gave her”, she explained.

Secured in the box for 18 years, moments of the biological mother’s life were preserved in letter form to keep the connection to her daughter.

She candidly wrote of her love for Rachel and penned that giving her up was the “hardest day” of her life – despite wanting to do the best by her child.

Really tugging on the heart-strings, Rachel revealed the pictures of her biological dad were the first time that she had ever seen him.

Rachel admitted in the caption: “I cried while making this".

And, it seems that a fair amount of TikTok users also got emotional while watching the clip.

One person commented: “You look so so much like your bio mum.”

Another user added: “This so sweet! Can’t believe she did that after all those years. She rocks!”

While a third person shared: “Girl I’m crying real tears for you. What beautiful souls you both are! Sending you all the love in the world.”

Someone else voiced: “I hope that journal answered any questions you ever had about her and how she felt about you. What an incredible gift. I’m so glad you found her.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person admitted: “Literally balling my eyes out, this is so beautiful.”


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