Woman shares magic Christmas tree where she claps to change the colour

Christmas is just over a month away.

And that means it’s time to pick a tree (or get it out the loft) ready for the festive celebrations.

Usually, most people decorate their tree with baubles, tinsel and their children’s attempts at Christmas arts and crafts.

Well, influencer Chiara Ferragni has taken her festive decorating to the next level.

Instead of having a string of sparkling fairy lights, the Italian influencer has donned her tree with lights that give Disney World a run for their money.

Taking to her Instagram, Chiara has given her 25.5 million followers a sneak peak of her magical tree.

Chiara captioned the festive post: “Christmas is coming.”

She motioned with her finger for the cameraman to follow her through the door dressed with a large red bauble wreath.

Amazingly, Chiara's huge tree is glowing red and yellow in a striped pattern.

The lights scroll down in unison, keeping the stripe formation.


Well, the influencer’s tree antics do not stop there.

Suddenly, Chiara claps which in turn changes the lights on the tree.

From glowing red and yellow, the tree switches to green and blue twinkling lights.

She then claps again to reveal red glowing lights, perfect for that warm winter feeling.

Incredibly, Chiara claps a total of nine times which illuminates her tree into different colours and patterns each time.

The tree even lights up in a rainbow pattern, gleaming colours from blue, pink and green.

Since being posted four days ago, the influencers post has now racked up 1.1 million views and 13,000 likes.

Stunned by the influencer’s elaborate tree, many people fled to the comments to share their envy for the extravagant decorations.

One person commented: “I need this.”

Another user added: “All I want for Christmas is this!!!”

A third person noted: “Wow! What an amazing tree! p.s: I need one.”

Someone else remarked: “All the electricity needed for that…”

Meanwhile, a fifth person said: “Soooo cool.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of Chiara’s Christmas tree!

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