Woman slammed for asking Starbucks worker to cheer her up in order request

A student has left a kind request to Starbucks worker in return for a happy message – but was hit with criticisms online for "giving extra work for underpaid staff".

Dahgari, from Saudi Arabia, posted a video to share what came with her drink order at the coffee chain giant.

She said: "I asked a Starbucks employee to write me something and this is how it went…"

In it, she shows the receipt attached on the carrier bag, which marks her drink order – an iced shaken white mocha with double espresso shot – as well as a message underneath.

It read: "I'm studying for a hard exam, can you please write something that makes me happy?"

Dahgari picks up her drink and turns around to see if there's any writing on it – sadly, she couldn't find any.

Her video has divided views on TikTok and some viewers were enraged for the extra request.

"Their job isn't to decorate your cup. You realise that sometimes there's a rush and they're making drinks non-stop? Their job is to make your coffee," one wrote.

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A second said: "They get paid like $9 an hour and you expect them to care."

"They failed just like your exam," another made light of the situation while a fourth joked: "You should write in Arabic, they might not understand English."

But some explained the staff might have their hands full at that moment, adding: "Don't take it personal, it's holiday season they probably had a long line of drinks to get through."

"As a barista at Starbucks, I would have written on it, a smiley face, a heart won't take long. Good luck for you exam!" a Starbucks worker penned.

It's not surprised to understand why some people got angry about the request as one customer once ordered a customised drink with more than 20 add-on items.

This barista said he wanted to quit when he had to make a "ridiculous" drink with 13 ingredients.

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