Woman spots herself in photo of her husband years before they met

Written in the stars! Woman, 26, is left in disbelief after spotting herself in a childhood photo of her husband – 15 YEARS before they even met

  • Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote, 26, from Ecuador saw her husband aged 11
  • Pair didn’t know each other but both attended a local festival with families
  • Was looking through mother-in-law’s photo albums when she spotted herself 
  • Story of incredible coincidence has gone viral on TikTok with nine million views

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after spotting herself in a picture of her husband from years before they even met, in a spooky coincidence that completely shocked her.

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote, 26, from Ecuador, was looking through childhood photos of her husband when she spotted something unbelievable.

In the background of one of the pictures which was taken 15 years earlier, she spotted herself as an 11-year-old staring at a random boy.

However little did Ailiz know, that at the time she was actually staring at her future husband, Pedro Pablo Pico Moreira, 29. 

Ailiz, now 26, from Ecuador, was pictured at 11-years-old striking a sassy pose as she eyed up her future husband Pedro, who was 14 in the picture taken at a local festival in 2007 

Written in the stars: Ailiz and Pedro, pictured on their wedding day, met at university six years ago and got engaged just two years later. But little did they know that they’d already crossed paths

Ailiz said: ‘I don’t remember anything about the photo, because I was a young girl and I didn’t know him, I hadn’t seen him.

‘I just remember that every year we went to the city parades with my mom.’ 

Recalling the day she made the incredible find, she said: ‘One day we went to my mother-in-law’s house and I asked her to show me my husband’s photo album from when he was a child and that’s when we discovered the photo.

‘We were totally surprised, we couldn’t believe it, it gave us fear, happiness, many emotions because it is incredible that the photographer in the middle of the parade stopped him right at that moment where I appear looking at him.’ 

Pedro at 14, strolling around at the town festival (left).  A young Ailiz (right), whose family also attended the town festival every year

After sharing their amazing photo revaluation online, the video has gained more than 9 million views and 500,000 likes – leaving many TikTok users amazed.

One user said: ‘They say that before 16 you have already met the love of your life and I think it is real.’

Someone else wrote ‘I have read before that before meeting the person destined for you, they coincide in many places, they travel together without knowing each other yet!’

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote with husband Pedro Pablo Pico Moreira. They were left feeling feeling ‘fear and happiness’ after seeing the pictures, and the TikTok video of their love story went viral

Another viewer said: ‘Sometimes I think that one must be crossed with the nose of our lives and ones does not even remember.’

‘I think that to know someone is to see them consciously because it is likely that in this or another life we have already seen them without noticing.’

One said: ‘Oh, I’m starting to believe in that ‘at some point in your life you already met the love of your life’.’

Ailiz didn’t think the sweet story would have such a momentous effect when she shared it, saying: ‘I didn’t think that our story would have so much admiration and reception by TikTok users and it would go viral in a few days, we received many likes, congratulatory comments, among others.

‘For many this story seems incredible, but it is real, we believe in God and I know that he had already destined us to be together and that photo was one more proof of our love and union as spouses.’

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote when she was younger at one of the town festivals

Despite being pictured together as youngsters, Ailiz, didn’t meet her future husband properly until she was 17-years-old.

However, fate intervened again, bringing them together once again at University. 

Ailiz had seen Pedro around her local town for months, and knew instantly she was attracted to him, however she never had the courage to speak to him.

It wasn’t long before fate brought them together properly when Ailiz saw Pedro sat outside her University.

Ailiz, who is now the director of the Spanish company Yanbal, said: ‘I was about to enter my classroom when it turned out that Pedro was sat on a bench outside the classroom.

‘I saw him and he looked at me (he had never seen me before), at that moment I smiled and I was very embarrassed because I’m not flirty and that was the first time something like this had happened.

TikTok users fell in love with the couple’s story, saying that ‘lovers meet in many places’ before they unite and that you ‘meet the love of your life before you are 16’

‘I carried on and entered my classroom…(he says that with that smile it confirmed that I liked him) and after three days he wrote to me on Facebook.’ 

After spending two weeks talking and calling each other, Pedro, who is now a teacher at a local institution, asked Ailiz to marry him and the loved-up pair became engaged.

Ailiz and Pedro spent nearly six years dating before they officially decided to tie the knot in a civil marriage ceremony.

Now, after being married for a year and 10 months, the couple can also tell people they have known each other a lot longer than they thought – 15 years to be exact.

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