Woman wears same top before and after boob job to show dramatic transformation

A woman has revealed what her breasts looked like before and after she got her boob job by wearing the exact same tops.

Often when people show their original body before a transformation, they may be wearing different attire so it can be difficult to get a real comparison.

However, Lola Tanner decided to film herself in an array of tops, without wearing a bra, so people could see just how much her chest has changed.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 436,000 views, Lola wrote: “Tops before and after [boob] job.”

At first, the babe donned a blue ribbed crop top that had a plunging neckline.

Lola then rocked the same garment, again without a bra, to show how her boobs look a lot fuller and have a more rounded appearance.

She grinned as she flaunted off her new sculpted chest.

Next up, the TikToker sported a green cropped bralette that revealed her breasts before she had plastic surgery.

Months later, she wore the same garment to show how her cleavage had become more defined.

She then did the same with an extreme pink cut-out crop top, which accentuated her underboob area.

Lola expressed in the caption: “Holy moly, cannot wait for them to drop.”

Stunned by Lola’s boob transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise the beauty and swoon over her brand new breasts.

One person commented: “They look so natural and good omg!!”

Another user added: “No because they’ve been done perfectly!!!”

A third person voiced: “Girl I’d die to have yours before. They look so natural and food now though.”

Someone else shared: “I’m very jealous right now, they look so good.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “You’re so gorgeous omg.”

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