Women turn stolen Travelodge bedding into clothes and wear sheets on night out

A traffic cone or a shopping trolley are the usual souvenirs for a good night out for many.

There is something about taking a random object home for party-goers that seems to finish the night off in true British style.

But instead of the usual suspects, this group of friends decided to take bedding from their Travelodge hotel room.

And instead of taking the sheets home – the women decided to give it a wild night out on the town.

Fabiha, 21, took to TikTok to share the mischief her friends got up to.

In the now viral clip, Fabiha explained: “My friends stole a Travelodge bedding, they wore it everywhere.”

At first Fabiha’s friend can be seen wearing the grey, red and blue bedding as a scarf, whipping the bedding around her neck in true style.

Once the group of gal pals sat down for dinner, they adjusted the fabric into a halter neck top – modelled by another mate of Fabiha’s.

Who would have thought that Travelodge would be at the forefront of fashion!

Having served its fashion purpose, the women took the bedding out to the club.

After having hit the dance floor, another friend then used it as a blanket to keep warm after the night’s shenanigans.

Now having racked up 892,000 views, many people took the comments to praise the women for their creativity.

One person commented: “Omg DIY multipurpose eco queens, we love to see it.”

Another user added: “Creative Queens.”

A third person related: “No, I literally did the same thing and my mums been wearing it as a scarf.”

However, some people were concerned about the cleanliness of the striped sheet.

One user fretted: “Hope they cleaned it.”

As another person voiced: “Wait until you get it under a UV light, it’ll be like a crime scene of DNA.”

Someone else claimed: “That dutty thing, that's NEVER seen the inside of a washing machine.”

Let us know in the comments the most random thing you have taken home from a night out!

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