Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

You don’t need to be a tarot card pro to get your cards read. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality.

Basically, if your bank account is not ready for a full tarot reading just yet, this one should help tide you over for now!


Something from your past deserves a spot in your present, and future. But don’t worry: it’s something (or someone) you feel affection for, and maybe get a lil’ bit wistful and nostalgic when it comes to mind. It might be your first love, an old friendship, a place you used to love, or a hobby/talent you’ve let slide. Reactivate a passion from the past.


You’re in the mood to improve your financial situation, be that addressing old debts, seeking the step up at work you’re due, boosting that saving account, or just taking firm control over your spending habits. The King of Coins is with you all week, so use this practical, shrewd energy to improve your money sitch and get that bread.


Take a deep breath, Taurus, because you’ve got something, someone, or some place that you need to cut ties with, once and for all. Due to your occasionally-possessive nature, you don’t like letting go of stuff, but it’s got to be done. This situation is draining and difficult and *SPOILER ALERT* it’s not going to improve. So address it and move on. The Ten of Swords is a tough card, but follow its advice and you’ll feel soooo much better.


Your hard work and talents are getting noticed, Gemini. Someone is looking to give you a leg up or an opportunity to move on up–it’s probably at work but can also be in some other area of life where you play a “role,” so to speak. The Three of Coins advises that you can accelerate this reward by making nice, leaning in, and asking for support from those you think may have something to offer you. With this help, you’ll advance in your goals much faster than you ever dreamed.


This week, you want some precious alone time to sit and consider your next move. No one can decide this stuff for you, so you need to take control and own your decisions. Sit with the wise and hard-headed Queen of Swords because this is a situation that requires logic and intellect to solve. Go seek some peace and quiet to think it all through, and then return with your answer, ready to make that move.


You’re feeling a lil’ bit antsy, and those itchy feet have prompted you to wonder where you can head off to next. Don’t try to suppress this wanderlust– it’s real and here to nudge you onto a different pathway than the one you’re currently on. Maybe this is more to do with your work, or your home, or maybe it’s time for a fantastic trip someplace totally new and inspiring. The Queen of Wands is a seasoned traveller and asks you to broaden your horizons and head on out there.


This week, stay calm and don’t make any hasty moves. There’s a situation you’re a bit worried about, but you don’t yet have all the information you need in order to make a wise choice, as shown by the card of secrets and illusion: The Moon. In the meantime, address your anxieties by talking them through. The relevant news or insight will arrive in its own time, and it will affect your plans, so make them loosely and be ready to adjust. It’s all working out for the best.


The Four of Swords is like a sick note form the universe advising you to chill and rest. Don’t let FOMO drive you into the ground–everything you think you’re missing out on all still be there when you return, but you’ll be feeling 100% better and restored to your usual high spirits. We all need to take a time out sometimes, and this is definitely one of those times for you. Schedule some space to just do nothing, and let your mind reset.


The world is full of fun and pleasure, and life isn’t ALL about working hard. After all, what is all that effort for, if not to provide access to the fun stuff, too? So make some exciting plans this week, Scorpio, and remind yourself why you work so much. Indulge, treat your besties, be spontaneous. Live your life to the fullest for every second of the next seven days, and you won’t believe how great it makes you feel.


Love is in the air, Sagittarius! The Two of Cups is the tarot’s love card, speaking of true romance and mutually-supportive relationships with the capacity to be long-lasting. This might be someone completely new to you, or the rekindling of a current love. Look for opportunities to make others smile, to get a lil’ flirting on, or to socialize with people who’re bright and bubbly. Sometime this week, a spark will ignite.


Is there a creative or heartfelt project you’ve been thinking about starting? The Ace of Cups sweeps into your world this week to shower blessings on anything you begin, so it’s a great time to set forth on a new adventure (a class, a new hobby, digging into your family tree etc). Whatever you feel most inspired by (and whatever you think the obstacles may be), embark on making it happen. You’ll be surprised by what lucky breaks emerge to help you on your way.


Change and transformation continue as major themes in your life right now. The Tower is a powerful and impactful card which brings events to demolish any fading, negative or false structures in your life. There may be some noise and dust, but what’s left will be a firmer foundation on which to (re)build. Welcome these renovations, however messy they look right now, because it’s all helping you to create a better world for yourself. Sometimes we have to remove things in order to move forwards.


Wherever your gaze rests will dictate the direction you head in, and the danger right now is that, for some reason, you’re staring at the past. The Five of Cups tells of those sticky emotions that linger after events are long gone, such as grief, anger, regret or shame. Consciously turn your gaze to your present, and future, otherwise you’ll stay too long in a place that’s already had its day. Let the past go and close this chapter.

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