Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading Is All About the Feels

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Something in the present will trigger a sad memory this week, and it’s okay to just sit with it for a while and let those emotions flow. It can be freeing and healing to acknowledge your feels. However, the Five of Cups warns of not lingering for too long in this space, because this event is in the past, and there’s nothing you can do about it now. Allow yourself a ~moment~ and then hustle back to the present, because your future’s bright.


For all your competitiveness and bombastic behavior, there’s not a bad bone in you, Aries. You are wholesome and pure when it comes to your intentions towards others. You want everyone to just get along! The Seven of Swords brings a shady character or energy to your world this week, so be extra careful, okay? Not everyone is as good as you are, and you need to protect yourself. Be cautious around anyone or anything you don’t fully trust.


No regrets and no looking back, Taurus. It’s time to move on from whatever this is, because bigger and brighter things lie ahead. The Six of Swords has a “pack your bags” vibe, and it reveals you’re more ready for a change of location or situation than you realize. This adieu won’t feel as sad or difficult as you fear, because you’ve already outgrown this place. Get moving.


Gemini, if any sign burns the candle at both ends, it’s you! You’re a bundle of nervous energy, and you hate to miss out on stuff, so you spread yourself super-thin. The Four of Swords is like getting a sick note from the cosmos, asking you to slow it way down this week. Rest, relax, and recuperate. You need to recharge your batteries.


You’re in a social mood this week, Cancer! You’re looking for fun and entertainment with others. Luckily for you, you’re a very popular person, so there’ll be no shortage of invitations to sift through. Say “yes” to everything this week. The Three of Wands brings multiple fleeting opportunities that you need to grab before they disappear. Get busy!


Venus, in the guise of The Empress, wanders into your realm this week, bringing gifts of love, passion, pleasure, and creativity. Use them as you see fit. This is a week when you realize the best things in life are free: Family, friends, lovers, pets, nature, creative projects, and your own imagination. Invest your time and energy and you’ll be rewarded with peace, love, harmony, and a deep sense of satisfaction.


You were right and they were wrong, and this week, it’s all coming to light. Hallelujah! Virgo, you love being proven right. Justice shows this is something heartfelt, and you will feel stirred by the change in events. Enjoy the moment. Don’t rub anyone’s noses in it, because karma will take care of all that. Know that you did the right thing, trust that people know it, and move on with your head held high.


Uh oh, not procrastination! Yup. The Two of Swords shows you have drifted back into your bad habit of overthinking a decision that should not be THAT hard. You have such an active mind—you love weighing up your options and making everything balanced and fair. The fear of doing the wrong thing is paralyzing you and leading you to do nothing. Make a choice this week!


Temptation can come in many forms. We think of cheating and affairs, but you can betray someone’s trust or waste their time in other ways, too. Consider what temptations are drawing your gaze right now, Scorpio. The Lovers indicates a possible head vs. heart conflict, or a distraction from something you are (supposedly) committed to. Is this red flag? Or is it just a passing phase? Decide and act accordingly.


Travel and adventure are two of your favorite things, which is great, because The Chariot brings plenty of both into your life this week. It’s a powerful card about movement, progress, a change of location, and anything related to travel. Whether you’re looking for a new car, planning a change of address, researching a major trip, or catching up on the places you’ve missed out on visiting this last year…this is the week to get into it. Bon voyage!


Solo projects are where it’s at for self-starting Caps. You only have to please yourself, and you can go at whatever pace you wish (which means it’s going to be excellent AND fast). The Queen of Swords brings you a surge of energy and motivation to get ahead on a personal project. You can see all the solutions to the issues that have stalled things before. You can visualize the ~end game~. Use all your new ideas and focus on this. You can make wonderful things happen.


This is YOUR card, Aquarius: The King of Swords represents air signs. I believe this means you’re totally focused on an important personal ambition this week. It’s something mentally challenging and intellectual. It’s something you’re taking the lead on, and this is the week to strategize. Know where you’re heading, so that you know what steps are needed to get there. Work backwards from a future goal and see what needs to happen right now.


You feel under pressure from life in general right now. There are multiple situations and people competing for your time and energy, and you simply can’t serve them all well. It’s stressful! Pisces, prioritize. The Seven of Wands asks you to pick your battles and focus on what’s most important. Some of this really doesn’t matter. Zoom in on the big stuff this week—the rest will have to take care of itself.

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