Anthony Joshua offered chance to spar with Tyson Fury in ‘dream team’ before Oleksandr Usyk rematch

Anthony Joshua is plotting to regain his belts

Anthony Joshua has been offered the chance to train with Tyson Fury in a “dream team” ahead of Joshua’s world championship rematch against Oleksandr Usyk.

Usyk dominated Joshua when they met in September to take the Briton’s heavyweight belts, and Joshua immediately enacted a rematch clause in their contract.

The duo are expected to meet again next spring, with Joshua seeking a new trainer in the meantime as he aims to avenge the disappointing defeat.

The loss meant any hope of Joshua fighting Fury in an all-British super fight is now remote, but Fury’s camp have offered Joshua the chance to come and train with their fighter to prepare for Usyk.

Fury’s trainer SugarHull Steward told TalkSport: “You have any other sport right; you have basketball, you got football, you got soccer, American football… You got guys that are friends or very competitive champions, and you see people now, put together teams.

“They’re putting together dream teams or things like that, as far as basketball or football or anything other kind of sport like that. These guys are joining up with each other, playing for the same team, to be successful.”

Leonard also took 50 per cent of the credit for Fury’s career comeback.

He added: “I got asked the question a lot after the first fight me and Tyson had, when people said ‘Oh Sugar, you changed him, you did this, what a job, masterful’.

“And that’s why I keep saying a lot of the time, me and him are so similar. I never once can look at myself and be honest and take all the credit. If he doesn’t do what I tell him to do, we’re not even talking about this at all. It’s not even the same thing.

“So for me, I’ve always said it is 50/50 and that is why we are a dynamic duo. It’s not just one person; it takes both of us and we both give credit to each other because we know that, without each other, we both wouldn’t be where we are right now.”

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