Conor McGregor fires back at Nate Diaz on anniversary of UFC 196 loss before deleting call-out tweet amid trilogy talk

CONOR MCGREGOR has fired back at Nate Diaz after being slammed by the UFC fan favourite.

The Notorious was on the receiving end of a savage rant from his old rival on the five-year anniversary of their UFC 196 clash, which he lost via second-round submission.

Not one to let anyone get the better of him on social media, McGregor replied: "Southside crips unite. #hitmeup."

McGregor opted to delete his tweet shortly after replying to the youngest Diaz brother, although legions of his followers screenshot the post before it was taken down.

Diaz took aim at his old rival after seeing him tweet 'done it all, still here' in response to a post from MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu.

An irate Diaz wrote: “I f***ed you up and you never got it back, but u acted like you did.

"Now you get a rematch every time you get your ass beat like a spoiled little b***h would.

"I’ve done it all and I’m still here. Plus, the guy who just beat your ass is a scared Lil b****h also.


"F**k you both #realfighter."

Diaz's tweet was partly in reference to McGregor's proposed trilogy fight with former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier, who knocked him out at UFC 257 in January.

The Ultimate Fighter season five winner voiced his frustration at the UFC's poster boy being given an immediate shot at redemption last month.

He told ESPN: "What they're trying to do is bring him back from the dead, again. That's what they do. They're going to bring him back from the dead for them.

"I don't think you can pay me enough money do s*** like that anymore.

"I felt like, yeah, if that's what they want to do, that's whatever.

"What I'm still trippin' off, too, is the rematch. They always try to rouse up my record too.

"I've got 11 losses. And they want to talk about how I've got all these losses, right?

"I would try to rematch all those losses and never were they even considered or talked about. Like, 'Don't even ask. Goodbye.'

"And 95 per cent are all decision losses that were hardly losses, right? Most of them I won.

"So why was it so out of the question for me to have a rematch with someone?

"You know? This guy [McGregor] gets finished by me, he gets a rematch.

"He gets finished by Khabib [Nurmagomedov], they're trying to give him the [rematch].

"The whole fight off of this, Dustin Poirier for a rematch, was for him and Khabib.

"And then he lost to him and they're talking about a rematch. This guy just gets rematches [all the time]. That's crazy."

The UFC have yet to announce a date for the third instalment of McGregor vs Poirier, although it's understood their series decider will take place in the summer.

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