‘Different’ Giants circumstances will require painful patience

Asking for, and expecting, patience is, well, B.S. in so many ways.

Fans have had enough, rightly so.

No one made it a fact of football life that the New York Giants must be among the elite every year. They are only eight seasons removed from a Super Bowl triumph and so characterizing their loyalists as “long-suffering’’ is not exactly appropriate here. “Recent-suffering’’ is more like it and certainly painful enough.

The Giants have taken the field 50 times since their playoff loss in Green Bay following the 2016 season. In those 50 games, they walked off the field with more points than the other team 12 times. That 12-38 record is the worst in the NFL. There is only one worst, and the Giants are it.

In biblical coaching terms, Ben McAdoo begot Steve Spagnuolo (on a four-game interim basis) who begot Pat Shurmur, who begot Joe Judge. It is a carousel ride from which no one gets off, no music is played and no enjoyment is allowed.

That Judge’s Giants hung in for a half with the Steelers and shook off a horrid start in Chicago to have a shot in the closing seconds only adds up to 0-2. Frustration is allowed. Devout followers are tired of the rhetoric that rebuilds take time and new programs take time and blah blah blah takes time. The game was there for the taking against the Bears and the Giants could not grab it.

But there are signs this is a well-organized team. The Giants committed seven penalties in their first two games; only the Raiders and Patriots have fewer. As comprehensive a training camp as Judge ran, it stood to reason his status as a rookie head coach and the installations and mastery of entirely new offenses and defenses would not be conducive to early success. The Giants were not outwitted or overly self-destructive (though Daniel Jones has to stop the bakery-like turnover production) in their first two games. They were not quite good enough.

The loss of Saquon Barkley for the season does not give Judge and his staff a pass. It cannot. Coaches talk all the time of the need for midstream adjustments. Well, this terrible injury happened near the source of the stream. It did not rob the Giants of a chance to surge into the playoffs. They were not going to get there with Barkley. His absence makes everything they want to do on offense more difficult and forces coordinator Jason Garrett to lean more heavily on Jones and the passing game, without giving up on the rushing attack. Not easy. No one said it would be.

Someone who has seen it all and done it all realizes the Giants were in for a rough takeoff.

“This year, it’s just different,’’ Eli Manning told The Post. “The fact you have new coaches on both sides, new coordinators, some young players at key positions and then you don’t have a spring, you got to modify training camp, no preseason games. Teams that have the new coaches are at a disadvantage. These guys are trying to learn on the fly a little bit and that’s hard. Especially when you go against teams that have quarterbacks, have coaches, have coordinators that have been there for a few seasons.

“It’s not just the quarterback, it’s not just Daniel and his progression. It’s the whole offense, it’s the whole defense, it’s everybody. Coaches are trying to evaluate players still, who should be in certain spots in certain times. It’s just a lot going on. The teams that have new coaches and coordinators, it’s just gonna take a little bit longer for them to come together as a group.’’

Maybe the Giants sneak up on the battered 49ers this Sunday. There is no line of demarcation to identify where the transition ends and some real winning starts. The roster needs bolstering and that takes (more) time. Patience is required. As tiresome as that refrain continues to be.

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