Euro 2028 bidding opens with England in prime position to host despite Wembley violence and likely Italy and Russia bids

UEFA has officially launched the bidding process to host the 2028 European Championships.

And England ALREADY meets all the stadium criteria required.

Under the demands for a 24-team tournament involving 51 matches, potential hosts must be able to put forward 10 stadia.

That includes at least one with a capacity of 60,000 and preferably two that can seat 50,000.

Four grounds must have a capacity of 40,000-plus with three able to host 30,000 or more.

While the FA is currently only in the middle of the “feasibility study” into whether to go through with the proposed England-led 2030 World Cup bid, the fact that it ticks all Uefa’s boxes already could be important.

But the entire concept could be thrown up into the air if Fifa’s plan for a World Cup every two years – starting in 2028 – is voted through, as that would force Uefa into putting their tournament back by 12 months.

English football already has eight football grounds – at Wembley, the Emirates and Tottenham in London, plus the two in Manchester, Anfield, Villa Park and Newcastle – that could seat 50,000-plus.

Everton’s new home at Bramley Moore dock would make that eight while the Stadium of Light, plus Middlesbrough, Derby, Leicester, Stoke, Southampton and Wolverhampton are among grounds that would all exceed the minimum requirements.

So far there are no declared bidders, with Uefa having set an initial deadline of March ahead of a decision in September 2023.

There have been suggestions of bids from Russia, Italy, Turkey, the Scandinavian countries plus Finland and a four-nation Balkan bid involving Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

But Uefa, under President Aleksander Ceferin, thinks that Wembley is the ideal footballing showcase, despite the disgraceful hooliganism trouble that took place before the Euro 2020 Final.

And it would not be a shock if the FA was encouraged by Uefa to apply at some stage, even if that was after the deadline had passed.

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