Former Olympic cyclist John Jarrin dies aged 59 after being knocked off bike by bin lorry in Ecuador

FORMER Olympic cyclist John Jarrin has died aged 59 after being knocked off his bike by a dust cart.

Jarrin, 59, represented Ecuador at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

The former athlete was cycling in the city of Cuenca in the southern Ecuadorian province of Azuay when he was knocked off his bike by a waste collection vehicle.

Jarrin was travelling to work when the accident took place and was immediately taken to a nearby medical centre.

He immediately underwent an emergency operation.

But he sadly died without waking up.

At the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Jarrin represented Ecuador in the 4,000 metre individual pursuit.

And he was also crowned South American, Bolivarian, and Pan American champion in his discipline.

Meanwhile, the local authorities have charged the driver of the dustcart, identified as Salvador Remigio B, with wrongful death.

He appeared before Judge Cecilia Otatti who issued conditions as the investigation continues.

Remigio B is banned from leaving the country and has to periodically appear at a police station.

The Cuenca Bikers organised a cycling protest through the city of Cuenca on March 10 for Jarrin.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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