Golf star Paige Spiranac reveals she is told to play from 'ladies tees' so she 'doesn't keep the men up'

INTERNET star Paige Spiranac says she is told to play from the "ladies tee" so she "doesn't keep the men up" – despite being an ex-pro golfer.

The American, famed on social media for trick shots and glamorous photos, took a swing at the treatment she sometimes still receives on courses.

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With 2.9million Instagram followers, the 27-year-old has previously blamed golf's middle-aged male establishment for harassment she has suffered, including blackmail and death threats.

Now Spiranac has pitched in again on a more practical problem.

Next to a smiling photo of herself, golf club in hand, she posted: "When the starter insists that I play from the “ladies tees” so I don’t keep the men up. LOL no😬 What tees do you normally play from?"

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Just days ago she hit out at internet trolls who blasted her comments on golf legend Greg Norman's bulge in his shorts.

She posted: "Greg 'the shark' Norman. More like hammerhead shark."

Some social media fans accused Spiranac of hypocrisy, one tweeting: "Complains about men commenting about her body, comments about a man's body. Can't have it both ways, Paige."  

But she responded: "I get this comment all the time. I want to set the record straight. I have never and will never complain about that.

"Just don't call me a slut or a whore solely based on the tops I like to wear. It's not that hard to understand."

And in a Twitter reply, she said: "So Greg Norman posts a shirtless picture with his d*** print very visible. He is praised for having a hog.

"A woman with a large chest posts a picture in a bikini and a lot of the comments will be that she's an attention whore or slut."

Spiranac, who married ex-baseball player Steven Tinoco two years ago, has also criticised dress rules, calling golf "elitist… stuffy.. exclusive".


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