John Fury blasts 'jealous' pundits picking Jake Paul to beat son Tommy, who is making 'more money than they'll ever see'

JOHN FURY blasted 'jealous' pundits picking Jake Paul to beat his son Tommy, who is making 'more money than they'll ever see'.

Tommy fights the YouTube star on December 18 in Florida over eight rounds in a 192lb catchweight bout.

He is the more experienced at 7-0, compared to Paul, who has won all four fights but faces his first opponent with prior boxing experience.

Nevertheless, he does have three knockouts on his record, enters his third pay-per-view main-event and has gone eight rounds before.

Whereas Fury has not gone further than four, and the likes of Carl Frampton and ex-UFC champion Michael Bisping predicted the 2019 Love Island star will lose.

But his furious dad John hit back, as he told Boxing Social: "Jealousy, word one.

"They're ripped in jealousy because he's probably making more money than they'll ever see.

"And they've been punched from pillar to post for probably a quarter of the money. And that's their character, that's their mindset, they're jealous people."


Due to a prior criminal conviction, John is unable to travel to America to corner his son, with brother Tyson and his coach Sugarhill Steward taking charge.

But the proud dad has been in camp with Tommy and his eldest Tommy in their Morecambe training base.

And John promised Paul poses no threat to them, due to the high level sparring they have been doing, as he once again slammed 'haters'.

He said: "People like to see you do well, but not as well as them.

"But I'm telling you now, however they feel, they feel bad enough today, but come the 19th of December, they're going to feel a lot worse.

"Because they are praying for Jake Paul to do something what is impossible. This is impossible, I'm saying impossible for Jake Paul to even give him a fight.

"We're sparring top class kids here, touted to be world champions. Olympic bronze medallists in Tokyo, ten and 15-0 guys.

"The best we've got, the best light-heavyweights, the best cruiserweights, and the best heavyweights, this man has been dealing with them.

"So what the hell in cat and hell's chance does Jake Paul stand in beating Tommy? But, you know, jealousy, keep it coming.

"The Furys thrive off hate. We're the most trolled and hated people on earth, but you know what? We're on top of the world.

"So, all them haters, keep hating, you're making us very rich in doing so."

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