Khabib missing 'the feeling' of fighting as coach admits it's 'possible' retired UFC star could make stunning return

UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov misses the feeling of fighting – less than a year after announcing his retirement from MMA.

The undefeated Russian hung up his gloves last October after promising his mother he'd no longer compete without his late father by his side.

But according to The Eagle's head coach Javier Mendez, his desire to compete was recently reignited after cornering his cousin Abubakar in Las Vegas.

The American Kickboxing Academy chief told Betway Insider: “You know, when we went to the last fight and his cousin Abubakar was to fight, he just got all energized, and he said, ‘I miss this feeling.’

"And it’s a feeling that he’s gonna miss for a while because of that adrenaline you get from entering that octagon with all those people cheering you on.

"It’s hard to replace that in normal life because normal life is not like that."

Despite believing Nurmagomedov wants to strap on his gloves again, Mendez reckons the Dagestani destroyer won't set foot inside the cage again without his mother's express permission.

He added: “I don’t talk to him about if he’s tempted to get back in, so I don’t know.


"What I do know is his mother’s bond and his mother’s wishes are extremely important to him, and if he did ever decide, it would have to be his mother and him talking, and his mother would have to give him her blessing.

"Even if he wanted to fight, it’s never gonna happen. He will not disobey his mother; he will not. That’s just who he is.”

Mendez reckons a comeback for the future UFC Hall-of-Famer is unlikely if he spends two years away from the cage.

He said: “I can say this comfortably, that after two years out of the octagon, there will definitely be no comeback.

"I’d definitely say that when he’s past his prime, definitely not because he’s not going to compete when he’s not able to compete.

"But I can honestly say that if he’s still in his prime, there’s always the possibility that he and his mother could talk. I can say that.”

“I wouldn’t bet against it, but I know there is a possible situation that I could see.

"If there was something that would bring him back, it’s him still being in his prime and him and his mother talking.”

UFC president Dana White desperately tried to convince Nurmagomedov to reverse his decision to retire, which he announced in the octagon after submitting Justin Gaethje.

Nurmagomedov briefly flirted with the prospect of returning but opted not to go against the promise he made to his mother.

Russia's first UFC champion reiterated that stance last week, saying: "I have no desire to come back, and I don't think I ever will."

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