Lewis Hamilton sorry after wiping out mechanic as he misses his Mercedes box in Russian Grand Prix pit lane

HORRIFIED Lewis Hamilton has apologised for wiping out a mechanic during practice for the Russian Grand Prix.

Hamilton says "my heart was in my mouth" after knocking the man over when he broke too late entering Mercedes' box in the pit lane.


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The mechanic had stood his ground but scrambled backwards quickly when he realised Hamilton's car was going to hit him.

But after he was sent flying to the ground he climbed back up and gave a thumbs-up sign.

Britain's seven-time world F1 champ Hamilton could be heard saying: "Man, Magic, sorry about that. Is he okay?"

Mercedes confirmed their team member was uninjured, leaving Hamilton to admit just how scared he was by his error.

He posted on Instagram: "I believe this is the first time I’ve taken out a mechanic in 14 years. 

"My heart was in my mouth, I was so worried. 

"Thankfully he was ok, pretty courageous to stand in front of the car like that. 

"We all make mistakes, it’s part of the journey, but it’s how we come back from them that matters."

Mercedes added: "For everyone asking, our front jack man is okay."


Reigning champ Hamilton had otherwise shone in practice as he seeks to erase Max Verstappen's five-point lead.

Only Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas was quicker than Hamilton.

And Verstappen will start Sunday's race at the back of the grid after being penalised for changing his engine.

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