Roger Federer dragged deeper into Serena Williams’ French Open debacle

If you think Serena Williams can be a bit of a diva — this goes a long way to explaining why.

The panel of “The View” have given insight into how fans believe the world’s best female tennis player should be treated in a defense of her French Open press conference furor.

Williams was accused of having a “bad personality” by Dominic Thiem after he was asked to cut short his post-match interview with the media to make way for Williams — after she suffered a shock loss to exit the tournament.

Thiem was bemused at being forced to give up his seat — and Roger Federer later declared he should have had right of way.

But that’s not how actor Whoopi Goldberg, political commentators Ana Navarro and lawyer Sunny Hostin saw it. The panel even blamed Federer for not taking Williams’ side.

Goldberg began a four-minute discussion of the incident with a pointed message to Thiem.

Goldberg: “Listen man, don’t nobody know who you are! You may be big in the tennis world but this is a big deal that she was out this early. People want to know what’s happening, how she doing — and I don’t think she actually wanted to talk to anybody about losing. ‘Oh yes, let’s talk about my loss so early in the French Open’, I don’t think that was her plan! Don’t blame her! Stop being a bonehead, don’t blame her.”

Navarro: “It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t ask for him to be moved … they decided to move him to let the queen come in, OK. Just have a little self-awareness here. Serena Williams is right now a class by her own. Maybe one day you’ll be the king of tennis but right now we don’t know who you are.”

Hostin: “I was surprised Roger Federer came out and also was defending Thiem’s position and saying this is unfair. He should know better. Serena is the queen.

Fellow political commentator Tara Setmayer was the only panelist to challenge Williams, despite objections from the rest of the group.

Setmayer: “I disagree with you guys. I like Serena Williams, she’s a phenomenal player, historic. But I also think how you lose says a lot about you. This isn’t the first time she’s been a bit of a diva when she’s lost. If she was saying ‘I just want to get it over with’ … the other guy actually won his match. Whoever made the decision, it wasn’t a good look all the way around. She could have said ‘wait a minute, we’re going to interrupt this?’. There are a lot of people who lose with grace.”

Thiem was initially furious at his treatment.

“I don’t really get it, seriously. I mean, what the hell? No, but it’s a joke, really … I have to leave the room because she’s coming?” Thiem said. “What’s my point of that? I have to leave the room because she’s coming. Well I’ll leave also then. I can also do whatever I want. I wasn’t angry or frustrated. Maybe for a couple of minutes or so. It is just the principle.

“It doesn’t matter, if it is me who sits in there. I still made a wrong statement. I said that I am not a junior anymore. But even if a junior is in there, every player has to wait. It also shows a bad personality in my opinion. I am 100-percent sure (Roger) Federer or (Rafa) Nadal would never do something like that.”

Federer said the player still alive in the tournament — in this case Thiem — should get priority and believes the situation was one big misunderstanding.

“You know, I don’t know what went wrong, but something went wrong for this to happen,” Federer said. “I think there is, with all the players, always a way to go that, you know, the one who is still in the tournament gets priority. Anyway, that’s how I see it. Now, there must have sure been a misunderstanding or maybe they should have kept Serena still in the locker room, not waiting here in the press centre. I don’t know exactly what happened. I understand Dominic’s frustration.”

Williams hasn’t commented on the controversy.

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