Tyson Fury heaps praise on 'great athlete' Anthony Joshua as he eyes £500m two-fight deal

TYSON FURY is trying to flatter his way into a shot at flattening Anthony Joshua.

On Saturday night, after AJ, 31, battered brave Kubrat Pulev but refused to call out the Gypsy King, Fury launched a verbal volley at the WBA, IBF and WBO champ.

Undefeated WBC boss Fury, 32,  said the “big bum dosser” had just “s*** himself live on TV” and vowed to KO him inside three rounds if they finally meet in 2021.

But, on Jonathan Ross’ Saturday night show, Fury turns on the charm in a bid to woo AJ  into the ring for a potential £500MILLION two-fight deal.

Fury  said: “He’s a great fighter, Olympic gold medallist, two-time heavyweight champion just like me, he’s won all the best, he’s a great, great athlete. Of course I have respect for him.

“I don’t know him personally, to say I like him or dislike him, from what I’ve seen of him he seems a decent guy.

“Next year the fight has to happen. He came over his final hurdle  against Pulev. Now we’re both free to make this fight. I’m willing to do the fight.”

But he could not refuse one dig, replying to Wossy’s query on who is No 1, Fury said: “Me, by a mile. There we go, that’s how you answer the question.”

And AJ’s promoter Eddie Hearn revealed both fighters could bin their belts, from the four major sanctioning bodies, if they try to block the undisputed decider.

He said: “We’ve just got to be a bit careful because you may be on the verge of saying: “Lets just get rid of politics right now.

“Let’s just drop all the belts because if we lose one belt, we might as well lose them all. We will do whatever we can to make sure that every belt in boxing is on the line in the Tyson Fury fight.

“What we won’t be is held to ransom and we won’t let politics get involved in a fight that boxing needs.”

One topic Fury will not  drop is his inclusion on the Sports Personality of the Year award.

The 6ft 9in star could still be crowned the SPOTY king on Sunday, despite demanding to be taken off the list and ordering fans not to vote.

He said: “I’ve asked to be taken off a list. They’ve not listened. I’ve even sent them a legal letter to be taken off. They’re still not listening.

“They’re trying to take away my rights as a person, to not do something that I don’t want to do. My name shouldn’t be on there if I don’t want it on there.

“It’s a free country. They are doing something that I do not wish to participate in.

“The reason is, I don’t want an award from someone to say I’m a sports personality. I know what I am and who I am and what I’ve achieved, I know what I’ve come back from.

“I don’t need a glass trophy. I’m the people’s champion. I don’t need this glamorous trophy to say who I am and what I’ve done.”

Fury is not just happy being the biggest star in boxing, either, he fancies outshining the Moon.

The father of five revealed himself to be a space boffin keen to check out the unknown and he even sees the upside of intergalactic disaster.

He said: “We’ve made some real progress, I’m hopefully going, I’ve always wanted to go to space. I used to look at the Moon and think, ‘I want to go there one day’.

“This year an opportunity arose where Virgin are doing galactic space travel, supposed to be going into space in the middle of next year.

“I’m going to be one of the first ones on the list. Hopefully I’ll be going to space.

“I cannot wait. If anything did go wrong, God forbid, what a story, what a legendary end.”

The Jonathan Ross Show, Saturday December 19, at 9.25pm on ITV.

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