A Place In The Sun presenter 'got lucky' after car accident while filming

A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton has told how she ‘is lucky’ after being involved in a car accident while filming.

The property expert, who is currently shooting for the Channel 4 show in Italy, got into a sticky situation when her car ‘skidded’ in the mud and came off the road.

Taking to Instagram straight after the accident, Laura told her followers that she ran ‘into a bit of trouble’.

‘I have appeared to run into a bit of trouble, I’ve just skidded off road,’ she began.

As she panned the camera around to show what had happened, Laura continued: ‘Look, they’re the tyre tracks. My car is stuck, that’s where I’ve slid down from.

‘Could have been actually a bit worse but my car is stuck in the mud and I’m going nowhere.

‘I’m hoping someone is gonna come and rescue me soon.’

The TV host was then rescued by a crew member called Bounty, as she admitted to her followers that she was ‘actually feeling scared’.

‘I actually don’t know what we’re going to do,’ she said from the passenger seat.

‘He just told me I got lucky.

‘He’s got experience in driving four-wheel-drive cars. I literally can’t believe what’s just happened and what he’s got us out of.’

‘Bounty! He saved the day,’ she added.

And just when she thought things were going well, Bounty and Laura got stuck in the ‘other direction’.

She explained: ‘We’re now stuck in the other direction, we have a convoy of vehicles and another one is stuck. So it’s not just me.’

‘Well, we are still here and everyone is going a little bit crazy,’ she updated her fans in another video.

‘There’s wheels spinning left, right and centre.’

Shortly after the accident, the host and crew were finally rescued when a tractor turned up to get them out of the mud.

Laura concluded her Instagram story with a clip of her being pulled by the tractor up the hill as she steered the car.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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