Alexis and Ant Married At First Sight UK: Where are Alexis and Ant now?

Married at First Sight UK: Jordan and Alexis star in teaser

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Alexis and Ant both entered Married At First Sight UK hoping to find love the first time around. Sadly, neither of them connected with their partners and they both left the TV experiment early. However, they have since decided to pursue a new relationship and fans are keen to know what happened.

Where are Alexis and Ant from MAFSUK now?

Married At First Sight UK has seen plenty of drama unfold this season as the couples get to know each other better.

Alexis had been matched with Jordan, but he admitted from the outset that she was not his usual type.

He then proceeded to cheat on her with Megan, so the pair ended up leaving the experiment after the first commitment ceremony.

But Alexis was still determined to find ‘the one’ and she said she had her eye on Ant at the dinner party.

Ant had been in an explosive relationship with Nikita, and they both had to leave following Nikita’s dinner party outburst.

A teaser for the next episode showed ‘new guests’ entering the experiment, so it seems the experts agreed to give the couple a shot.

The physical attraction was definitely there and Alexis said Ant made her feel “giddy, like a child when you fancy someone”.

They both explained how they had not felt this way about their first partners, so there was definitely a spark.

Alexis is on Instagram and she shared a photo of herself with Amy and Marylise, saying: “I hope you have all enjoyed watching MAFS this week.

“I’m so overwhelmed with the love & support from everyone, I honestly appreciate you all! I may not have found love but I found forever friendships! Love you girls!”

However, this was before she started coming to terms with her feelings for Ant, so there may be hope for her yet.

Ant is also on Instagram and he has not given anything away about whether he is still with Alexis.

Viewers have hailed him a “fan-favourite”, saying he was “so nice” and should have been matched with Alexis from the outset.

One said: “They should pair you and Alexis instead” while another said: “Get with Alexis please.”

With this in mind, they will be thrilled to hear the couple have decided to give things a go.

In the latest episode, Alexis was seen calling Ant to say she was keen to test the water with him.

He felt the same and admitted there was some flirting at the dinner party, so they asked the expert panel a surprising question.

The pair met with relationship coach Mel Schilling to ask if they could re-enter the experiment together.

Mel was taken aback, admitting they would be going against the conventions of the show, which sees the couples marry at the beginning.

She explained how they would be going back in as a dating couple, rather than husband and wife.

Another fan said on Instagram: “Please please get with Alexis you two are so cute”.

They have will have to wait and see how the rest of the groups react to the couple re-entering the experiment.

They should both be happy to see them explore their relationship, as they were both badly hurt previously.

Hopefully, Alexis will be able to forgive Megan for “breaking girl code” and going behind her back.

Although there is a chance the tension between certain members of the group could impact their relationship.

Married At First Sight UK airs from Mondays to Thursdays on E4.

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