Amanda Holden thought Simon Cowell would SACK her for saying ‘f***’ on Britain’s Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden thought she would get the sack from her role for dropping the 'F' bomb pre-watershed.

The 48-year-old swore on Monday night's live semi-finals with the 'F' bomb, and after claiming she'd washed her mouth out, then swore again the next day on Tuesday's live semi-finals.

Speaking to The Metro, Amanda, 48 revealed: "I did say to Simon behind the scenes, 'F***, you are not going to sack me, are you?' He was like, “Don’t be stupid!” I was more mindful of the fact that kids were watching."

She also boasted that Simon could handle her antics as she said: "He laughs at all my gags, so it’s win-win."

On Monday night's Britain Got Talent's live semi-finals, the blonde beauty shrieked in terror after becoming part of The Haunting's performance for a second time.

After making it back in one piece after the terrifying performance, host's Ant and Dec apologised for her choice of words.

Terrified Amanda went on to apologise for swearing pre-watershed on live TV as she said: "I really want to apologise for saying a terrible word. I know my kids are watching so I apologise for that. I can honestly say I feel terrified."

After apologising for her behaviour, and having claimed she'd "washed her mouth out with soap", the judge then went on to swear again on the show's spin-off show on Tuesday night.

While playing a game called Tip of the Tongue on Britain's Got More Talent, each judge had to pick a word beginning with a particular letter to describe something Stephen read out.

Fellow judge and mum-to-be Alesha Dixon, 40 gasped and cried "Amanda!" while head judge Simon Cowell looked unimpressed.

The popular ITV talent show is now facing an Ofcom investigation as the programme received 192 fan complaints after Amanda swore whilst taking part in The Haunting's terrifying performance.

An Ofcom spokesperson revealed that 154 people complained about Elizabeth's act being too scary, while 38 were not impressed with Amanda's foul mouthed slip up.

They said: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate.”

After last night's episode fans were quick to comment as the ITV talent competition suffered a major blunder by revealing the shows finalists on the leaderboard.

They claimed that Britain's Got Talent is "fixed" after learning that comedian Kojo Anim is friends with judge Alesha Dixon.

Once slammed: "So fixed it's unreal. Of course he was gonna go through its alesha mate. John and Colin should have been through."

Another slammed: "Fix. Don't get Kojo Anim thing at all but Alesha voting for her best friend… How can that possibly be fair? She was never going to go any other way was she…"

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